Portofino South was once the Hotel Miramar ?

I have been told that this building was a very chic hotel called the Miramar during the 1900’s. I did look online and in The Four Arts Library but I have not been able to find any mention of this hotel. Does anyone have any knowledge of the Hotel Miramar….picture or any mention in an old guide book?


Garden Landscape Committee

Randy has asked me to help invite some more people to volunteer

to help both with donations and also with manual help.

I loved to garden when I owned a home in Ct so I am looking forward to weeding, planting and pruning.

If you would like to join us….drop a note in box 1207 .

Our Doorman

We were very sad to see Sidney leave “our door” but if you would like to drop him a note the address is

Sidney Seewald

904 Oakside Lane

Pittsburgh, Pa. 15229

I am sure he is well and happy to be with his family.

But we still have our dear Fred Sargent- on days Mon -Friday

and Patrick, Brandon, and Linda

Remember their phone is 561 832 7130