By the pool gossip: Delinquent owners

I was told that we have 30 % of the building are delinquent on their maintenance, either in foreclosure or just not paying. Does anyone have a list of those people as I think we should post it on this blog before the meeting?  In January, I thought I was buying into a very well financed building and that does not seem to be the case just 6 months later. If someone has the list please email it to Parker Reid and lets expose it to the rest of the owners.

13 thoughts on “By the pool gossip: Delinquent owners

  1. all you have to do is get the list from the office, the information is available to all unit owners.

  2. Thank you Richard and Annie for helping Parker and Marianna straighten out this building. Vicki Ross and hopefully Mr. Cohen can help. I have appreciated your assistance with this site and other matters.
    Robbie Leifer (and Milton) have tried to expose wrongs done in the past-
    We have a wonderful group of concerns residents now. Ihor Lenko is working as hard also. Kristi ‘little angle’ is to be commended.
    Again, Richard, Annie, Parker, Marianna, Vicki, Ihor and Kristi-THANK YOU. Milt and Robbie, get back involved please!

    1. Are you kidding me….Who is this? Do you really know who you are thanking and for what?????? A wonderful group of concerned residents???? You are callilng Richard Stern, Annie Rousseau , Kristi Coons concerned residence???? Come on, is this a joke? And you want Robbie Liefer to get involved???? IN WHAT, getting the building sued again????? Who is this? Where in Gods name are you getting your information??? Please call me ASAP… Michael Roefaro!!!

  3. Remember that the 30%-assuming that this is correct-includes both small and large amounts. Many are $10, $25 or under $100.00. Probably 20+%.
    I was told that many of the larger sums are being settled. For example, #201 has paid, #902 was paid at closing-also #302. I was also tolds that 2 are approaching closing as in a sale and will be settled.

  4. ihor lenko is working behind the scenes to get those who are delinquent. if anyone can do this he can. he found out that the concrete on the balconies was not in good shape and he worked on the carpet.
    if ihor and richard can continue their work we will see something happen.

    1. To clarify matters, I am not trying to “get” those who are delinquent. What I would like to see happen, in order to protect all our interests, is for the association to place liens on the condo units that are seriously delinquent. (By registering a lien, we do not necesarily have to pursue foreclosure). This way, if down the road, these owners want to buy another property, they would not be able to get a mortgage until they clear the lien and Portofino woul get what it is owed.

      As to the balconies, we have been getting water into one of our bedrooms, every time it rains heavily and it is windy. The engineeers (the manager was present at the time) told us that the rebars were all rusted. Water is getting into the walls and into our apartment. And ours isn’t the only apartment where this is happening. The building needs to be sealed now in order to prevent more serious damage that would end up costing us more in the future.

      Lastly, I did not work on the carpet. I was not a member of the carpet committee, although I did attend one meeting. I do not believe we should have gone ahead with the carpet at this time and I believe this was the same conclusion that the finance committee came to and was going to recommend to the board at the May board meeting, for which I was out of town.

      We rise and fall together.
      Ihor Lenko

      1. Thank you Ihor for clarifying. Ihor is right, and please know that the proper steps are being taken with our legal council to place the liens. (and for those of you that feel public humiliation or embarrassment should be one of those steps, it isn’t, and as far as I am concerned, never will be) Please know that some of the unit owners that were behind have paid their arrearages in full and have also paid any attorney fee’s associated with the case/lien against them. Please know that our delinquent accounts are no where near 30%, whoever is calculating this number is indeed taking into consideration, all of the small amounts (less than $100.00) owned . The list of delinquent accounts is available in the office and any unit owner can review the list anytime.

      2. It has been extremely difficult to sit back and read these blogs. Because of my situation in unit# 205-past due account-, I have recessed into silence. For those who know me, this has been very difficult. Hopefully the shot sale of 205 will clean up this account. If and when settled, I will be back to Portofino politics loud and clear.
        Ihor, no you were not a member of the ‘appointed’ carpet committee and yes, you only attended one meeting-But do recall asking if Barbara T. could offer an alternative? Do you remember picking up renderings from me in unit #408 to show Barbara floor plans?? Do you remember asking for a more complete set of renderings the following week? Remember, I left them on my dinning room table and you picked them up? Do you remember all that comotion about placing Barbara on the agenda for presentation? Do you remember attending the meeting when the carpet manufacturer presented the design? At that same meeting, you asked if Barbara could present her design? I dont know if you recall, you sat next to Barbara with her designs? (Barbara Tattersfield by the way is extremely talented with unbelievable taste.) Now if we asked Barbara who asked her to proceed with a design, I wonder who she would recall?

        Now lets try to look at this logically and systematically-So,no you were indeed not a part of the ‘appointed’ carpet committee-TRUE. But,Ihor, you were involved in a carpet-related-committee. Could we agree on this? So in essence, you did work on a carpet committee and you were also a member-actually, you were the leader. The difference is that your dealings were behind the scene, sort of speak.
        Now at the time these two committees-well one; I guess you wouldnt call your efforts a ‘committee’ anyway-but at this very same time our financial picture was the very same as now—actually, it is better now. But you say that your………….Do you see where I am going with this Ihor? You have twisted your blog which appears to take you out of the carpet picture all together as if you had nothing at all to do with it.

        You may not have had nuns in early schooling Ihor-but they always said ‘…always tell the truth and you will only have to remember one story’. Thats kind of cool dont you think?

        Well Ihor, I agree that this may not be the time for carpet……….and I chaired the ‘appointed committee’.
        Everyone is concerned, and most are working to resolve pressing issues.

  5. It is a scandal that we’re being asked to finance frivolities when other residents haven’t paid their maintenance or the previous assessment. I think it behooves us to investigate this further and make sure there is no fraud going on here. If necessary, it may be worth taking this to the state board that regulates condos?

  6. Doug,
    I don’t get the point of your comments.

    To again clarify matters, I asked Barbara if she wanted to submit a quote for the carpeting in front of you at a social event in the card room and she said sure and you replied that she could, that anybody could.
    And yes, I did pick up the renderings from you at Barbara’s request. What’s your point?
    Barbara proceeded with her research and was ready with her carpet samples and quotes when the date and time of the last carpet committee meeting was suddelny changed and no one informed her, so she was unable to attend. I found out at the last minute and attended this ONE meeting. Since Barbara had already done all this work, and after what happened with the lobby renovation, I thought it would only be fair that she be allowed to present her quote at the board meeting. To which you replied that everything was already decided and you were going ahead with your choice. There was no “carpet-related committee” in existence, as you claim. I give you full credit for picking the carpet.

    For your information, I was taught by nuns in early schooling and then by the Christian brothers who taught me that the truth always comes out in the end, and more importantly, that BEHAVIOR NEVER LIES.

    To end, this type of back and forth bantering is very non-productive and I find it a waste of my time. If you have anything further to say to me you can say it directly or call me on the phone.


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