Blogology–the beauties of BLOGS

Memo to:  Portofino South Unit Owners
From:  J. Parker Reid
Subj:  New Portofino south Weblog (BLOG)
Date:  June 16, 2010

A week ago I sent out a letter, regarding Portofino South, listing certain observations, asking certain  question and making certain criticisms.  I stated that this letter would be posted on a new internet BLOG created by a Unit Owner here for Portofino South matters of interest.  This BLOG is titled “” which you can reach on your computer through Google, Yahoo or other search engines.  Please single click any of the reference items on the right side of the page that you are interested in such as “Special Assessment Meeting”.  You can then read my letter and all the comments from other Portofino South contributors.  At the bottom of these comments you can then add your own.

Such BLOGs must have a so-called “Gatekeeper” (in our case the Unit Owner who created this BLOG) who previews all comments and uses judgment to keep out anything libelous, illegal, irrelevant (like spam) or grossly offensive.

Such posting are like letters to the editor of a newspaper for printing on the op/ed pages.

One Unit Owner called me whether any criticism would hurt our sales and rentals.  In my opinion the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Freewheeling participation of ideas can only make an organization BETTER.  Constructive criticism (including satire) is a pillar of American society’s health.  That’s why millions of foreigners invest here rather than in Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela where freedom of the press to comment and criticize is severely repressed.

Portofino South BLOG comments can give our Unit Owners an idea of what other Unit Owners think about things.  For example, some like our new landscaping work–some don’t.  Some like the high pool temperature–some don’t.  Some like our pet Rules and Regulations–others are very critical.  Some want new corridor carpet—others don’t want to spend the money.

The new  BLOG will help all of us –Directors included–to get an idea of the extent of approval or disapproval of various matters of common concern.  We have 140 Unit Owners, many of whom are not here much.  This BLOG allows them to read what others feel and write what they feel.

Therefore, please participate.  As a Director my job is NOT to impose on you what I think but to represent you on what you think.  We have an important Special Assessment meeting next Monday, the 21st.  What’s decided then could seriously affect you moneywise.  Let’s hear from you.

Sincerely,            Parker Reid

P.S.   Again, the BLOG is “

3 thoughts on “Blogology–the beauties of BLOGS

  1. I believe the Board is not elected not to act on the whims of the owners. Just as all governments and make no mistake the Board is the government of Portofino, they are elected because the people believe they are the best people to guide Portofino. With 140 owners there will be a vast number of opinions or lack there of on any given subject. It is the Board’s responsibility along with the property manager to assess what needs to be done and decide among the majority of the Board how to proceed.

    Any Board member that is so weak as to not state is own opinion instead of hiding behind the opinions of the few owners that chose to attend meetings should in my opinion resign his or her position on the Board. Being a leader means not making the popular decision but making the one that is best regardless if it is popular or not.

  2. Remember Paladin, that there are many leadership styles and models. Although I agree with your implied philosophy and method of leadership, those on the other end of the continuum practice quite differently.

    One very tiny segment of our population believes in the philosophy of ‘conquer and divide’ and more dangerously, chaos theory. Glen Beck, FOX NEWS, is a perfect example. It is unfortunate that a board member, along with a few residents, approach their responsiblity to our community in the very same manner. The problem with a board member is that there is a fiduciary responsiblity to provide honest and sound leadership.
    (see comment about chronology below)

    It is time that the reasonable and guiet ‘sorts’, respond to this small group of residents in a very polite but firm manner. Too, there should also be a ‘fact check’ in this system of ‘bloggerie’. So much misinformation with lots of spin.

    I will write a chronology of facts that will show how so much confusion has riddled our community this year. The dynamics are very interesting. They are rooted in personal narcissism coupled with the need for power and control. These personality traits in combination with the aboved mentioned leadership style are dangerous to any community. Too, it is ironic that they have engaged in and voted for many of the decisions they now oppose. (element of chaos theory) They rely on a small group of malcontents for support which only reinforces the continuation of such shenanigans.

    Lets try and get things back on track at Portofino. Don’t let what we have experienced this past year continue. Don’t allow these personality types and leadership methods to intimidate with fear and aggression.
    Doug Spain #408

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. We need to act as a whole and make this condo a well oiled community. I love living here and did not do this blog to bring it down only to make it the best it can be. The blog should be a forum for discussion and not for name calling and inaccurate facts. I would love your time line.Vicki Ross

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