Tenants that are seasonal residents

Just My Opinion:

I think it is very unfair to have a meeting on important issues in the middle of June. As you can see by looking up at our building a lot of people have left the area. People who are seasonal might believe that this meeting is deliberately late so those of you who live here all year round can have your way. I am glad I started this blog, even though it was not intended for this purpose, but isn’t it nice to see what people think that can not attend a meeting. I  will attend my first meeting and will take notes and post the meeting on the blog for all to see and hopefully receive  their opinion.

Also I do not think it is illegal to post a list of delinquent residents on this blog as my club does it each month and it really gets people to pay, and pay quickly.

I bought my apartment in late January and was shown a very healthy financial statement and was told that there was money to do all the things on the calendar and was also told not to expect an assessment in this calendar year…..5 months later we are talking assessment.

Vicki Ross


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