Michael Roefaro’s Firm on the Front Page of the Shiny Sheet

Mario Nievera, a landscape architectural firm has completed renovation of the Sea Gull Cottage on Palm Beach, which they did pro bono. The article extolls how beautiful the gardens are. Bravo to Michael

Here is the link to the PB Daily News



Disgusting Letter Mailed to Me


Last night I received a piece of paper labelled “Warning” telling me tidbits of bad gossip about the candidates for the new board. Of course the letter was not signed either by an individual or a group. It also attacked Parker’s Plan and listed people not to vote for. But all four that were mentioned were not on the ballot that I received.

The mystery for me was the mailing label on the outside of the envelope looked like the ones the building office uses to communicate with the owners. I hope no one has access to those address labels, either the staff or the board and is spending my money for stamps for these types of really nasty bitter mailings.

My Opinion: Vicki Ross


It is Election Time

First Letter:

Now —Important News About Portfino South 11/12/2010

You should have just received a packet regarding the election of four Directors.

Ten Unit Owners have announced their candidacy for these four positions. Your vote

is very important because you now have a chance to elect NEW people to serve on

the Board—NEW people with vital business and professional skills.

Four candidates have been on the Board for many years. Ann McKay and Martha Lee

for about 10 years each, Jenny Jones 8 and Michael Roefaro 4. All of them have been

making potentially dangerous and expensive mistakes.

Ann McKay, as President, for years did not have the dryer vents cleaned, creating

a massive fire danger to all residents. She also failed to understand why the fire

alarm system should sound on ALL floors, not just on the floor above and the floor

below where the fire danger was detected. She recently voted against remedying this

horrible defect. She voted against suspending water aerobics classes even though she

was told our insurance policy did NOT cover such classes. If someone was injured in

these classes you, a Unit Owner, would be liable- perhaps for huge amounts.

Martha Lee’s voting record, generally mirrors the same mistakes as McKay’s. Michael

Roefaro, Portofino South Finance Committee member, falsely reported that a Line

of Credit had been approved by a bank. He voted for projects which did not have

enough funding and had the Association pay legal expenses which were personal

in nature. Jenny Jones termed Director Gene Christopherson a “genius” (despite

his having filed at least two personal bankruptcies) and nominated him for Board

President. She accepted the position of Chairwoman of the “Human Resources”

Committee in January, 2010 but, since then, 9 months later, has done absolutely

NOTHING—no employee manual, no position descriptions, no schedules—NOTHING.

There are many, many more instances of their negligence and failures .

Instead of electing them again and again we, the Unit Owners, should consider the

principle of “Term Limits”, which restricts hangers-on from continually running. We

should tell them to move on, to make way for new people, with new ideas, new skills,

new experience and new talent. Condo Boards should NOT be controlled by an old

clique, year after year. This is unhealthy. There is no good reason or right to make a

career as a Director, to have a permanent monopoly or perpetual tenure on the Board.


Vote for New Talent, New Promise, New Potential

Choose among these five Candidates: Vote for 4.

Suzannne Beck

Stuart Gregory

Ihor Lenko

Richard Scott

Suzan Streichenwein

Read their resumes: All are intelligent, educated, experienced, competant—SUPERIOR

“Portofino South 2010 Committee to Elect NEW Directors”


Second Letter:

November 15, 2010

To: All Portofino Homeowners

From: Michael A Roefaro

I have attached a copy of a letter that was sent from Parker Reid to the unit owners.  It has been suggested to me that I ignore the lies that Parker is spreading, but it is very difficult for me to take a back seat to this.  First off, I want each and every unit owner to know, that I never have and I never will use our legal council for my own personal use.  This is a lie that Parker has repeatedly spread about me and I want everyone to know that it is not true.  I have requested a letter from Michael Gelfand, our attorney, to clear up this blatant lie (I will forward once it is completed, and in the event that he charges for the letter, I will pay for it).  I have also attached an email that I sent to the Board of Directors, in September, when I found out that Parker sent the initial letter/email to unit owners about my alleged misuse of legal council.  I also addressed the board and the unit owners at the September board meeting letting them know that this was not true.  I have addressed this time and time again and Parker insists on continually spreading this lie.  If anyone would like to discuss this with me, I will be more than happy to talk with you.   Secondly, I have attached a copy of the approval letter which was sent to the Portofino board from Regent Bank.  Parker also states in the letter that I falsely reported that a line of credit was approved by Regents Bank and again this is a lie.  Please know that Portofino did not close the deal on the line of credit, because ultimately the bank required that we collateralize the loan with our reserve accounts, which is against our bylaws.  I should not speak for the rest of people listed in Parkers letter, but I want to share with you some facts:

1. Jenny Jones has worked on the human resource issues.  Her committee was gone for the summer, and they have continued their efforts upon return of the committee.

2. Jenny did not refer to Gene Christopherson as a “Genius” (per Jenny) and even if she did, WHO CARES, it is ridiculous that this even needs to be justified!!!!!!

3. Please check the minutes of the meetings and you will see that Martha Lee does not always vote as Ann McKay does.

4. The dryer vents that were never cleaned are not the fault of Ann McKay, in fact we should blame every manager since the inception of this building.

5. Here is the fact about the fire alarms ringing on every floor. The person who                  set up the fire alarms in the building was the Fire Marshall, not Ann Mckay!!  Ann did not fail to understand this; as a matter of fact she was the only one who did understand it. The building is wired for speaker in every apartment and in the event of a true emergency every apartment would be notified.  The manager is currently looking into the situation, if you have any major concern, please speak to him…Again, one cannot blame this on Ann McKay!!!!

With the exception of Stuart Gregory, whom I have never met, I have had the pleasure of knowing all of the candidates who are running for the board.  I have served with Martha Lee, Ann McKay and Jenny Jones on the board for 4 years.  Ihor Lenko is a former board member and Richard Scott has served on several committees with me throughout the years. Suzanne Beck and Dr. Streichenwein have proactively expressed concerns and comments to me and I truly believe that they have Portofino’s best interests at heart.  I feel that each and every one of these people will serve as excellent board members. With that said, please get to know each candidate and do not let Parker Reid, or anyone else, sway your vote. (Especially with slanderous remarks and lies about any candidate)   Judging from Parkers past, I can only question his motives, they are generally not for the good of the association but rather for his own political agenda. (which I am not sure that he has even figured out what that agenda is yet)

In closing I would like to say that I am not sending this out as an election tool. However, I urge all of you to discard Parker Reid’s letter as it is filled with nothing but lies and half truths.  If you would like to know the truth, contact the other board members that are mentioned in Parker’s letter. The choice of who you would like to serve on the board is yours, and only yours.  Let’s hope that we all make the right decisions.  I have stated this before and it still holds true, if anyone wants to discuss these or any other issues, please feel free to contact me at 561.655.9656.

Best regards,

Michael Roefaro

Vice President, Portofino South

Unit 110

Third Letter:

Flash—Portofino South Election Fact Sheet-Nov 16 2010

Michael Roefaro, Director Candidate in the upcoming election, stated on Sunday,

November 14, that he was withdrawing his candidacy and thought that Jenny Jones

would do the same. Shockingly, the next day he disavowed this withdrawal and

issued a long letter to Unit Owners that all the evidence that gave rise to his pullout

was now deemed to be “lies”. (In his letter he used the “lie” word seven times.)

The first FACT that he claimed was a “ lie” concerns his incurring legal charges that

were personal to him but billed to Portofino South. As background, he and Director

Christopherson worked together to have Director Reid removed from the Board and

to prohibit Reid’s wife from mentioning Christopherson’s 2009 bankruptcy filing, both

of which had NOTHING to do with the business of Portofino South. Here is the exact

wording of the legal bills submitted by Attorney Gelfand to Portofino South:

7/9/10 Re: Parker Reid Telephone call from Michael Roefaro. Advised need to follow

up information from Gelfand regarding removal.

7/12/10 Re: Reid Receipt and review email and telephone from Michael Roefaro.

Affidavit and resolution of issue.

7/19/10 Re: Reid Receipt and review of ‘response’ filed by Mrs. Reid in

Christopherson; initial consideration of lissues and whether Association has a duty to

respond; telephone Mr. Roefaro regarding same.

7/21/10 Re: Reid Receipt and review of pleadings responding to Motion for Relief,

and telephone Mr. Roefaro regarding same appearance.

This is the verbatim wording which Roefaro calls a “lie”. Both he and Christopherson

refused to accept any responsibility for this abuse of office and refused to reimburse

Portofino South anything toward the some $4,000 wasted on these matters.

The second FACT he calls a “lie” is is the charge that he falsely reported a Line Of

Credit was approved by Regent Bank. Here is the exact wording of the April, 2009

Board minutes which stated that Michael Roefaro reported a “commitment letter for

the line of credit with Regent Bank has been signed.” Please compare his statement

with the wording of the Regent Bank letter to Portofino South: “We are pleased to

offer to Portofino South……a loan under the following terms and conditions….” This

letter then listed some 2 pages of “terms and conditions”, one of which read “Regent

Bank reserves the right to withdraw any commitment…..in its sole discretion”.

In many of his writings, and statements at Directors’ meeting, Michael Rofaro has

abundantly evidenced his dificulties with the English language. An “offer” by a Bank,

subject to 2 pages of complex terms and conditions, to be negotiated and resolved

at a later date, is NOT an approval or a commitment, especially when the Bank can

withdraw, in its sole discretion. It’s simply exactly what it says–an OFFER. As proof

that it was not a “commitment” , (as reasonable people would understand the term)

the deal fell through many months later because one of the “terms and conditions”

was not met, which was unsatisfactory to the Bank.

Thirdly, he disputes the assertion that Director Jenny Jones accepted the Chair of the

Portofino South “Human Resources Committee” in January, 2010 but since then, some

10 months later, has produced NOTHING. Again, implying that this is another “lie,”

he states in reply: “Jenny Jones has worked on the human resources issues. Her

committee was gone for the summer, and they have continued their efforts upon

return of the committee.” Hard to believe but this is how he worded his excuse.

Thus, Portofino South now has a Director who excuses another Director, who has

produced ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, in 10 months, alleging that she has “worked on” it.

Not only does Roefaro not understand simple words, he does not understand that our

condo is a business where Directors do not merely “work on” things, for unlimited and

unreasonable amounts of time, but PRODUCE something of value in a timely manner.

The above should provide an adequate picture of Roefaro’s abilities. The rest of his

letter is just more excuses and other jibberish.

I hope all Unit Owners will weigh this evidence in the upcoming Director election.

Parker Reid, Director