Renters disguised as Guests- A Letter

Att: Michael Roefaro-President
Martha Lee-Secretary
Frank Lagalante-Building Manager
Sarah Watkins-Assistant Building Manager

December 3, 2010
Concerning Apt 903:
First, let me congratulate you on your new board positions. Perhaps this could be the first issue you address in your new term.
I bought my apartment in January 2010. During my move in I spoke to two people in #903 that said they were the owners but it has turned out that they were the decorators. They had just totally redone this apartment. I was very impressed as it was done beautifully and very luxuriously.
I started to notice on the terrace different sets of people on the terrace. Even though they spent a fortune redoing the apt they never had terrace furniture. The first group, which were three foreign men pulled out the kitchen chairs onto the terrace,in their wifebeaters and smoked. My terrace, since I am in the corner, directly faces the terrace of #903.
The next group of people was also men but two this time and totally different looking. I have not been in Florida since the end of May and returned on November 17th. .When I arrived I saw the 903 apt occupied by a German couple. They came around the first of the month and left at the end (November 30). They kept putting laundry on the banister and their storage door was constantly left open in the hall way.Both of these problems were reported to Frank.
On Dec 2 I was in the office when the owner of the apt #903 was paying his maintenance bill , I introduced myself and he said his name was Kyle Kahriman, and he did not live in the building but used it for his” guests”. And that more were coming for the holidays. I then came upstairs and met a maid that was cleaning his apt and she called the people that just left “tenants”.
I would like to report that this apartment is being rented out and these people are not his friends. I
do not want to live next to a hotel room. The last “guests” had a parking space near me also and not in guest parking.
This owner is abusing your lenient guest policy. I thought I was buying into a building where I would know who my neighbors were and that they would not be changing weekly or monthly.
This is entirely unacceptable to me and should be addressed. I hope you will rectify this situation and make my habitability of my unit less stressful.
V Ross

Current: Outcome

M Roefaro- answered immediately and said this was intolerable and he would try to work on a result. Ann McKay,also a board member feels the same way.

Frank Lagalante-I asked him to call the owner of #903 and he said even though he agrees with my position  he has no grounds to call the owner….”he might hang up on me”

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