The new board is the old board.

On December 1 we had elections for our board and 5 new canidates were running with four incumbants. None of the new people won so the four incumbrants will serve again but they will rotate positions so we have a new president and a new vice president,Michael Roefaro and Jenny Jones respectively.

I wish them luck. I hope we can all work together. My suggestion would be to have a round table meeting where everyone good speak on an equal footing and have the new board listen and maybe learn as we have some very smart people in the people and also people that have legitimate problems  and some solutions and maybe if we all sat done we could start anew.

I think this board will be more open and friendly.

Many of the new people running were really not interested in serving. They never really campaigned and a few had some hidden skeletons in their closets and the incumbents found them out and publicized them. Their resumes very simple and most people did not know enough about their feelings towards the building. I offered to interview all of them and write about them but either they did not return my calls or did not want to be interviewed.

This blog is a wonderful vehicle to get news out and it is not just for complaints but could be educational and a forum for us to talk to each other.


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