Vetting by Skype

In New York Magazine February 7th 2011 issue

They speak of a co op board in New York meeting their applicants by Skype via a webcam.

Vetting by Skype!

What an interesting new way to look to the future . Love progress.


Our pool might have new heaters but it looks dreadful

They, the powers that be, ripped up some tiles on the pool balcony in November and they still have not been replaced

… is now February. This weekend they pulled out two bushes and a magnificent very tall palm tree. None of these plants were planted anywhere else  or reused.

The chaise lounges are all worn. the original color is long gone and the tables have been repainted so many times but are all chipped. We have no umbrellas, no barbecue and lots of dead plants never planted. take a look  near the bike shed, that is 100’s of dollars.

The utility piping is exposed and there has never been any effort since I have been here, one year, to hide or disguise them. They ripped out the flower bed but it is still barren dirt, isn’t there sod in Florida?

For a building that has the highest maintainance of similar buildings in the area our pool, especially during high season, looks pathetic.

Who makes these decisions as I do not know of any garden committee in existence? The last two committees were told not to do anything more even though both of them had green thumbs. Whoever with the brown thumb please  go into the beautifying period soon.

“Estopped”…obviously not many people on our board know this word

(this is about a woman that takes her daughters dog for a weekend or two in a no pet building).In Sundays, February 13th PB Post “Prompt action to enforce pet rules”  an association still must act in a timely and uniform manner when enforcing a rule or covenant, If it does not do so it would be precluded from enforcement because of the principle called waiver or estoppel.

We think you have a very strong argument because the association failed to act in a timely manner to correct this rule violation,is now estopped from enforcing the rule against you.

Yesterday I saw the renter on the 7th floor with her supposed service dog come in to the lobby and take the passenger elevator up. So does the other two dogs in the building. No service elevator for these special pets!

This legal term does not apply just to our pet policy.

Resignation- My decision!

When Michael Roefaro was elected President of the condo board he asked me to chair a committee. Eventhough the new board was all the same members as before,there was a new person in the position of president. He promised a board that would be open and transparent.

When asked I was willing to take on the task. My committee was to look at the current rules and regulations and see if they needed changing or tweeking and possibly new rules added. We were to recommend to the board only.I tried to invite a good cross section of the building to join the committee. Many people said no and many people said yes but never got to either of the two meetings we had.

I am a very organized and a precise person after being in business and running my own company for many years, so before the first board meeting we had had two meetings and all notes and additions and changes were written up and  emailed to the board for their perusal.

During one of the meetings Deidre McNamara asked me to try to sort out the parking situation. She claimed there were many people using 2 or 3 spots. I went to Sarah and asked and she said she had meant to tackle the parking maze problem but had not had time or help. I offered her help. We sat for two afternoons figuring out what apts were deeded spots , if those people knew and were in their spots and if anyone was not where they were supposed to be. (Just to note: I was very happy with my spot that I was given when I closed on my apt)

I saw Michael Roefaro and told him what Sarah and I were doing and he said he was thrilled and was so happy that I was tackling this “problem” he would even take “credit for it” at the next meeting.

Several days later I went into the office and said to Sarah I had a little time to finish the parking grid and she sheepishly looked at me and said she couldn’t. Frank over hearing the conversation said  ” you are not authorized to do this job and I had been discussed at a closed meeting that he attended with MF and it was discussed that I was not authorized and should stop”. Having an employee tell me that I was not authorized made me quite upset.

Okay, this was my valuable time and effort. I volunteered and spent unpaid time for the good of the building. If I give my time and effort and not thanked or appreciated I am glad to walk away.

I emailed MR about this and waited for an apology….. none came for either the misunderstanding or the forgetfulness.

I then realized this is not, as they say in the business world, a good environment to work in. Or an atmosphere that is open and transparent and the most important civil and polite. So I resigned from my committee officially and it was immediately accepted and now I will live like ” a guest on vacation “.

Really very sincerely,

Vicki Ross


My car moved and left

Sarah ,Frank

Board Members

Jenny Jones, Martha Lee,Ann McKay,Martha Lee and Michael Roefaro
I left my car keys with Sarah when I left on Jan 20th. I was not told that my car would have to be moved for the painters. Some one moved my car to the most public of our lots and parked it near the edge of the parking lot and did not think to return it when the painters had finished.
I believe someone should have called me and asked if they could move my car, either a telephone call or an email.
I believe Frank forgot to move my car back to its protected spot on Friday and left the keys on his desk in the locked office and not in my box where they were supposed to be.
I had to call Sarah on her vacation and wake Martha Lee up, which I am sorry that I did.
I could not use my car till Saturday morning.
I really think this is not how I want the keys to my car  or my car handled in the future.
And if my car was stolen or damaged in the parking lot, the building would have been responsible.
Please take notice of this as I will not be willing to leave the keys to my car with the building.
Also your posting of moving cars only in the elevator does not work. Or if you knew this was to be done I think notifying people two weeks in advance, when I would have been here, would have given me a chance to get a neighbor to move it to a parking space near the building.
Vicki Ross

PS- Waited for an apology from Frank today but alas that did not come! POST SCRIPT AND THE APOLOGY DID COME FROM FRANK WHICH I THANKED HIM FOR.