My car moved and left

Sarah ,Frank

Board Members

Jenny Jones, Martha Lee,Ann McKay,Martha Lee and Michael Roefaro
I left my car keys with Sarah when I left on Jan 20th. I was not told that my car would have to be moved for the painters. Some one moved my car to the most public of our lots and parked it near the edge of the parking lot and did not think to return it when the painters had finished.
I believe someone should have called me and asked if they could move my car, either a telephone call or an email.
I believe Frank forgot to move my car back to its protected spot on Friday and left the keys on his desk in the locked office and not in my box where they were supposed to be.
I had to call Sarah on her vacation and wake Martha Lee up, which I am sorry that I did.
I could not use my car till Saturday morning.
I really think this is not how I want the keys to my car  or my car handled in the future.
And if my car was stolen or damaged in the parking lot, the building would have been responsible.
Please take notice of this as I will not be willing to leave the keys to my car with the building.
Also your posting of moving cars only in the elevator does not work. Or if you knew this was to be done I think notifying people two weeks in advance, when I would have been here, would have given me a chance to get a neighbor to move it to a parking space near the building.
Vicki Ross

PS- Waited for an apology from Frank today but alas that did not come! POST SCRIPT AND THE APOLOGY DID COME FROM FRANK WHICH I THANKED HIM FOR.

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