“Estopped”…obviously not many people on our board know this word

(this is about a woman that takes her daughters dog for a weekend or two in a no pet building).In Sundays, February 13th PB Post “Prompt action to enforce pet rules”  an association still must act in a timely and uniform manner when enforcing a rule or covenant, If it does not do so it would be precluded from enforcement because of the principle called waiver or estoppel.

We think you have a very strong argument because the association failed to act in a timely manner to correct this rule violation,is now estopped from enforcing the rule against you.

Yesterday I saw the renter on the 7th floor with her supposed service dog come in to the lobby and take the passenger elevator up. So does the other two dogs in the building. No service elevator for these special pets!

This legal term does not apply just to our pet policy.

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