Our pool might have new heaters but it looks dreadful

They, the powers that be, ripped up some tiles on the pool balcony in November and they still have not been replaced

…..it is now February. This weekend they pulled out two bushes and a magnificent very tall palm tree. None of these plants were planted anywhere else  or reused.

The chaise lounges are all worn. the original color is long gone and the tables have been repainted so many times but are all chipped. We have no umbrellas, no barbecue and lots of dead plants never planted. take a look  near the bike shed, that is 100’s of dollars.

The utility piping is exposed and there has never been any effort since I have been here, one year, to hide or disguise them. They ripped out the flower bed but it is still barren dirt, isn’t there sod in Florida?

For a building that has the highest maintainance of similar buildings in the area our pool, especially during high season, looks pathetic.

Who makes these decisions as I do not know of any garden committee in existence? The last two committees were told not to do anything more even though both of them had green thumbs. Whoever with the brown thumb please  go into the beautifying period soon.

One thought on “Our pool might have new heaters but it looks dreadful

  1. I find it difficult to believe that this was posted in 2011 and since then the pool has been completely redone and is one of the nicest pool/loggia/gardens in any condo around. Why hasn’t there been an update to this post with new pictures?

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