Minutes of June Meeting

Portofino South
Board of Directors Meeting
June 14, 2011

Michael Roefaro called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm.

Roll Call
Michael Roefaro
Jenny Jones
Betse Gori
Martha Lee
Pat DeHon
Keith Gornick – Via Conference call
Parker Reid
Gene Christopherson
Ann McKay

Michael Roefaro opened the meeting up for homeowner discussion.
Deidre McNamara #1009 asked the Board to consider allowing the homeowners to have
a yard sale across the street in the visitor lots.
Ann Leibovit #501 asked what happened to the ice maker. Michael Roefaro stated that it
was the decision of the Board that since it could not be repaired it should be removed.

Pat DeHon made a motion to waive reading and approve the minutes of the April 19,
2011 meeting. Motion seconded by Jenny Jones. The vote was unanimous, the motion

President- Michael reported that a letter will be going out to the residents shortly to
go over several concerns that have been brought to his attention. He also reported that
the front desk now has a computer. The computer is a tool being used to increase and
improve communication between the office, the staff and the homeowners.
Vice President- None
Secretary- None
Treasurer- See Attached

Courtesies Committee- Eleanor McNamara reported that a card had been sent to Mrs.
Rules & Regulations Committee- Pat DeHon is now the chair of the Rules and
Regulations committee. She will be holding a meeting in the near future.
Credentials Committee- Martha Lee reported that unit #209 was purchased by Keith

Gornick, a current owner, who has been previously interview. She also reported that the
credentials committee interviewed new residents for the following units:
703- Debbie Motiall, Renter
403- Gerhard Mercker and Winter Evens, Owners
302- Janet and Hans Gschliesser, Owners
205- Mary, Peter, and Alexandra Foglia, Owners
Human Resources Committee- Jenny Jones reported that a staff meeting was held
on May 6th. The entire staff received the new handbook with the exception of Sarah,
Marybeth, and Linda. A separate meeting will be held for said employees.
Finance Committee- Two meetings have been held. One meeting was with Omah
Padron, bookkeeper, and Nicole Johnson, Auditor. At this meeting the financial statement
and audit were reviewed and explained. The auditor provided an audited statement. They
found favorable changes in the office control. Reserves could be healthier but we are in
good shape, comparatively.
It is also the recommendation of the Finance Committee that the Board start the Capital
Improvement pool deck and tiling projects.
Safety and Securities Committee- the City of West Palm Beach Police Department
has submitted its official recommendation to increase safety and security. These
recommendations are being reviewed by the committee.

Betse Gori made a motion to approve the draft of the 2010 audited financial statement.
Motion seconded by Jenny Jones. The vote was unanimous.

Betse Gori made a motion that the Board approve capitol project including the
replacement and restoration of tile on the front entry way, patio, and the pool deck.
Project is not to exceed the amount of $25,600.00. Motion seconded by Jenny Jones.
After Board discussion the vote was unanimous.

Board Discussion of Present or Future Interest

Betse Gori asked what preparations are being made for hurricane season. Frank reported
that he has started buying supplies for building hurricane preparedness. It was also agreed
that each floor should have a floor captain to assist during a hurricane.

Betse Gori also made a motion to list the manager’s apartment for rent on the in-house
sales and rentals list. Motion seconded by Jenny Jones. After brief board discussion the
vote was unanimous.

Ann McKay made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Pat DeHon. The
vote was unanimous, meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

Submitted by:
Martha Lee, Secretary

Note: I heard there was a discussion about "watering the lawn" but it is missing from the minutes?

Just for Comparison

The President of Palm Beach condo

From: Therealdeal.com

Prices drop at President of Palm Beach
The President of Palm Beach condominium has seen prices fall 39.1 percent from a peak in 2007, according to data from CoreLogic. The complex, which is located in the town of Palm Beach, has just one condo out of 94 units in foreclosure, however. The President, which is located at 2505 South Ocean Boulevard, has a 24.5 percent homestead exemption rate, meaning units that are the primary residence of a permanent Florida resident get a tax break. That is below the 40.6 percent rate countywide for all condos. [Palm Beach Post]


Co-op Neighbor Won’t Stop Smoking

Q We live in a large Manhattan co-op. Our neighbor next door is a nonstop smoker — and has been for the seven years we’ve been here. The smoke leaks into our apartment and the common hallway and generally has created an untenable situation. What are the obligations of the co-op to remedy this?

A Stuart M. Saft, a Manhattan lawyer who is chairman of the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums, says that tenant-shareholders in a co-op have the right to “quiet enjoyment” of their apartment, which means it is up to the co-op to use reasonable efforts to keep smoke from migrating from one unit to another. Such efforts include sealing openings between the apartments (including the electrical sockets), cleaning the filters if there is a central air-conditioning system, and putting the offending shareholder on notice that he or she is violating the requirement in most house rules that residents not allow odors to leave their apartments. “The board could even require the smoking shareholder to purchase a machine that absorbs smoke in the smoker’s apartment,” he said. If the smoker refused to cooperate, his proprietary lease could be terminated for objectionable conduct.

Email questions to realestateqa@nytimes.com.