Parking Lot Flea Market on Oct 30th

I thought what a good idea. I called and asked to get a space and voila there was one available. It was for tenants only of the building but I invited a friend to help as I thought I might want to go to the restroom or coffee during the morning. It rained on the Saturday that it was first scheduled to happen so the rain date was Sunday and when I awoke that morning it looked iffy but it was a go. Six people participated. We had very little traffic and practically no one that lives in the building came to support or even visit. I did not make any money but I think some of the tenant vendors did okay. But it was a lot of work for very little. The next day I had a big bundle for the Animal Rescue so that was a nice outcome.
My comment for the event was as usual there was a lot of nastiness between the organizes and me. I won’t participate again and makes me want to do less and less with any activity done in the building. Too bad that so many people in this building take nasty pills……just my opinion…..and they say New Yorkers are nasty!

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