A Suggested Revision of the Guest Rule

I went to the county clerks office and looked at other similiar  buildings and found their guests policies and here is a combination of the Rapallo’s and The Palm Beach Towers.’

I have sent it to all the board members and management. I hope they will consider this and change a rule that is weak and unenforceable.


Each unit is hereby restricted to residential use by the OWNER or OWNERS thereof, their immediate families, guests and invitees. An OWNER must  have resided  in his/her UNIT in the building for a minimum of  two (2) years before the UNIT OWNER can have long term guests.   No OWNER or OWNERS of any UNIT shall permit use of the same for transient, hotel, or commercial purposes. The Portofino South UNITS shall not be used as a vacation bonus, prize or for the purpose of corporate or employees ‘meetings. Under no circumstances may any UNIT be used for any business purpose which would cause a level of noise, odor, traffic, debris, vermin, or other activity inconsistent with residential use. A guest shall be considered any occupant who is not a UNIT OWNER. There shall be no time limitation on guest occupancy provided the guest occupies their UNIT with the OWNER or the guest is a member of the OWNER’S immediate family, as defined below. However, any quest who occupies a UNIT in excess of thirty (30) days cumulatively in any calendar year, whether with or without the OWNER in residence, shall be subject to screening as a tenant. Guest occupancy in the absence of the UNIT OWNER by persons other than member s of the UNIT OWNER’s immediate family, as defined below, shall be limited to a total of thirty (30) days per calendar year, cumulatively, for all such guest visits. Prior to any occupancy of the UNIT by any guest in the absence of the OWNER, the Owner must provide written notice to the ASSOCIATION of the names of intended guests, the anticipated date of arrival, the anticipated date of departure.


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