It is Election Time

At the last board meeting we were introduced to the new canidates to the board. All of them have been on the board except Greg Delia. There was no questions directed to the people that are running for the board and we did not have their bio’s before the meeting.

I have suggested to the board and management that we have a meet and greet where we might ask questions of the candidates and how they would handle certain concerns. Maybe use one of our Friday night cocktail parties to ask questions of the canidates.

Questions I would like to ask:

1. Why do we not have wifi at the pool anymore. Isn’t that a service we had?

2. What immediate plans are there for bycycles. People are taking them upsatirs to their apartments as there is no room in the bycycle room. Parking them outside is not an option as we have had some stolen and they rust from the salt and sea water. Your new carpeting is in jeopardy from those that have no other place to put them.

3. The hose for car washing is gone as there was a water shortage but now there is no water shortage.  Another service we had.

4. The use of email for agendas,minutes of meetings and maybe a newsletter. A lot of your unit owners are not here and might want to know what is going on..

Our present board works very hard but sometimes they miss the small things that are important to some of us…..



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