Our all brass door knobs

I do not know if most newcomers to the building know that our doorknobs in our apts and outside all all brass. One day I decided to polish one and after 4 hours of lots of elbow grease they look wonderful. However, since it took so much time and muscle I have decided to give them out to a professional.

But please look at the difference in the pictures below. It makes such a difference and we are blessed with all brass knobs that are all original.



This building is not young. We are finding that we might look  good on the outside but certain things are going. Leaks, lately, have been occurring frequently and not the usual ones. Apt 403 recently arrived for part of the winter away from the north and after a few days in his new apt (bought about 6 months ago) he noticed water near his front door.He had not  lived in  the apt on a regular basis. There was no water in the pan under the water heater and the alarm did not go off. The leak continued into the hall way. So both his wall to wall carpets and the hall carpet were starting to smell of mildew. This started on a Friday night and could not be reported to the office. He searched upstairs in his line and no one seemed to have water in their utility closets. He called his downstairs neighbor but she was not there. Finally, he turned the water off and the leak seemed to stop. He ripped the carpets up and put fans on to try to dry what had already covered his apt. Monday came and Frank and All Pro Plumbers arrived and there was a rusted pipe going into the cement flooring under the water heater. The bill is over $3000.00. However, the carpets are not ruined so that can be considered a good thing.

Why I highlight this incident ( also recent leaks in #1010,802 and on the first floor). It the owner had not been living in the apt at this time this leak could have gone on for weeks or months with no one noticing it. The wall to wall carpets could have been totally soaked throughout the apt.

Those of us who are snow birds should think about apt watchers who visit on a regular basis just to find these these leaks before they cause major damage. As #403’s front door has been open for several days a few neighbors had mentioned that this apt has had many leaks in the past.

Also water tubes to ice makers (especially since a lot of our refrigerators are old) have been known to develop leaks and cause flooding.

Maybe we should have a registry of all leaks in the building so we might be able to put funds away for these problems or maybe head off some of them.