Vent Clean, an air duct cleaning company located in Southern Florida, I think scammed me ….but I am not sure.

I live in a condo apartment in South Florida. The building is about 50 years old and I bought this apt two and a half years from a 90 year old man. Half of the people I asked about cleaning my vents said don’t for various reasons: might stir up asbestos in the ducts, it is a bait and switch business, might cause more dust and mold, and many other reasons to not do it. The other half were people in the building that had had cleaned their ducts and felt that it was worth it. One moved into an apartment where there had been a smoker and it did eliminate the smell, another saw dark mould near there vents.

I called a company Vent Clean that said they were licensed and insured. I looked in some internet sites and found no complaints. I then educated myself by reading lots of articles on the web so I could ask the right questions and not get scammed.

Their man arrived, William, and looked at my vents all five of them and started his large machine that was to suck out all the dust and crap. He closed all of the other vents. He asked to see my air conditioning unit and which is central and housed in a small utility room outside my apt. There he looked into my air conditioner and said he found the filter insufficient, and there was mold and particles in my unit. He said the quality of my air was really bad. The original cost of cleaning my vents that was quoted over the phone was $31. He tried to sell me an ultra violet light for $499.00, a new filter that was $125 and I said no to both. He then said he could treat the air conditioning with a liquid and I asked if it was an oxide or a biocide and he skirted that question, I asked to see the bottle but it was in a container of his that was a black box and he said no I could not read the label.  When he finished sucking the air out of the vent he was connected to I asked to see what he sucked out and that too was not an option.

I had just had my air conditioner checked two weeks before and they said it was clean and functioning well. It was only two years old.

So when he was finished my bill became $300.00. I thought it was $7 a vent and then how much could it be for the unknown substance he added to my AC. My neighbor who used this company and had given me the name paid less than $200.00 for an apt with 2 bedrooms. I tried to get a reasonable answer from William but he would not go down in the price. I paid him by check.

I thought about it for a few days and decided to call the company and speak to a supervisor and was told there were none around but one of the two female supervisors would get back to me on Monday. Lo and behold William called on Monday morning and said there were no supervisors and he would not reduce my fee.

So I decided to go the route of a disgruntled customer and write up my complaint on the internet.

The company is Vent Clean- 561 432 8888 –no address or license number on their invoice.

March 20, 2012