Errand Person I found

Came down here to close the apartment for the season and needed a car and driver for an errand. Last winter I met this lady at the library and she handed me her biz card. She does errands of all sort so I had saved her card and thought I would call and ask if she could drive me some where wait and take me back home. We talked about price and I thought she was reasonable.

The day she was supposed to pick me up, which was 8:00 am I was a little concerned that she might be late. I am always on time and maybe 15 minutes early… well Dorothy was here 15 minutes early. She is a very careful driver, very polite and wants to please. She waited for me and we returned home.

I have hired her again to take me to the airport in a few days and asked her to charge me less than a yellow cab and she was very willing.

I would recommend her whole heartedly. It is so nice to have someone to do small deeds that I do not want to do or can not do. She will do some things for me when I am away for the summer.

She is licensed,bonded and insured

She is Maya’s Personal Services

Dorothy Hazrd

561 881 8298

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