Commentary on Meetings Minutes

I have asked many times to have the minutes from meetings (I have posted in the previous post 3 months of minutes) emailed to me as I am a seasonal owner but unless I ask the office they are never sent. I also realize that these printed minutes, that are only posted near the mailboxes, are washed by the secretary of the board. If there were any heated comments or questions asked or said they would not be in these meetings. In this present day when you can dial an 800 number and have any owner listen to a condo meeting our board does not offer this or is it even in their future thinking.

They think they are going to build a website and they might use that for minutes and perhaps discussions but they do not know how expensive it is to mount a proper website that works for their needs.

This is just my opinion but I feel since I pay the same monthly fees as someone that collects their mail I should have the same opportunity to know what is happening to my home and investment.

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