Construction Noise During “Season”

Since I arrived there has been construction noise above me. Frank, our building manager , had so many complaints that he was able to stop it for Christmas and New Years. The condo has no rules about construction during high season or any law about the length of said construction. So after New Years the noise continued.

I wrote a letter ( found below) to the board and hoped that they might act on this quickly so we do not have to have this noise for the balance of the season. I was unable to go to the January meeting when my letter was read but the board did not choose to act about this problem.

The board wants this building to rank in the same category as say the Rapallo or PB buildings but having no rules about noise during the season sort of takes us out of that category alone.

I also never received an answer to my letter!



To: Frank Lagalante

And To:  All members of the condo board during the Jan 15th meeting

January 4, 2012

Change of Rules Regarding Building Construction Noise

I am sorry that I cannot be at your January meeting but Frank has promised me that he will put my letter into his managers report at the Jan 15th meeting.

When Michael Roefaro was elected to be the head of the board he asked me to put a committee together to work on updating the rules of the building. I started but for various reasons, the committee changed hands to another resident of the building and it has never been changed and issued to owners. That was 2 years ago.

One pressing rule change that should be put into effect asap concerns noisy construction in residents apartments. I came down to my condo at the end of November and since then I have every day heard the construction in 1202. Frank was able to stop the noise during the immediate holidays, thankfully, but it has started again and unfortunately no one knows when it will be completed. I advocate that there should be no noisy construction during season, Thanksgiving to Easter. Most buildings that we consider ourselves to be in the same league with have this rule.

The second part of this change in the rules should be a permit executed by the building manager to how long a construction project will take during the non season months Frank can gage the appropriate length of the project and issue a permit for that time period. If the construction runs longer than the permit allows the building has the right not to renew the permit or extend it for a few additional days.

In my case and everyone that lives in the area of the 2’s and 1 apartments, we had to listen to 1202’s noise and  unit 901 also was going through some noisy construction after they moved in.  I cannot be the only person bothered by this noise. I saw my neighbor in 903 storm into the office annoyed by the construction noises. Noise  travels in this building.

I hope you can address this issue in a timely matter, as this is my second year in the  building with construction noise, last year it was the outside of the building.

Thank you for your consideration,





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