Service Animals or Pets? in a No Pet Building

New law punishes people with fake service dogs

from 3 day s ago

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Of the 130 new state laws going into effect July 1st, one is putting phony service dog owners on notice. Local businesses say it’s concerning when people pass their pets off as service dogs just to get them in a restaurant or movie theater, where pets usually wouldn’t be allowed. Don Chester, a West Palm Beach resident who depends on a service dog to help him get around, says he’s noticed the system being abused, and it’s hurting those who legitimately need a service…

I do not know the new laws but we have a real problem in the building. For years we have been a “no pet building” and then a few devious owners got their doctors to write a note and brought their dogs in. During the last board headed by M.Roefaro he tried to fight the puppy from the pound on the ninth floor but wasn’t very successful. Then last year the flood gates opened and more pets arrived. Even a couple that found the building through a board member and he knew they had a pet not a service dog arrived.The last time I looked we have only one legitimate service dog. There was a meeting and a vote on pets in the building but it was never decided or maybe decided but not told to the owners what our policy is going forward.

There was a discussion that this would help the value of our apartments to increase in value but has anybody seen the jump. What a pity we just finished re-carpeting the halls with very expensive carpeting. And what about the poor people that bought into the building because they were allergic to pets?

You are down there presumably and read local papers and if anything comes up about pets vs service I would love you to post it.

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