Board Meetings

Meeting of PS Condo Board Dec 2 2015

A vote was taken whether to waive or fund the reserves. All owner’s votes were counted and tallied

63 voted to wave and 17 to fund

A quorum was present.

So we waved the rights to fund the reserves for 2016

Betsy Gori commented about the newer people who are buying in the building or sold within the last five years,    We have not funded the reserves in the last five years

There is a possibility we would have an assessment in the future

Betsy Gori commented that if we did have an assessment it should be to fund a necessity not a wish list

Parker Reid wanted to point out that we want to sell to people that are long term and not “flippers”

He called for an analysis of the flippers in the building

Vicki Ross asked about the exterminator and Frank said they come every other month and start on the first Friday of the month and work through the floors. It should be posted?


Second Part of the Meeting: The Organizational Meeting

The next annual meeting will be on December 7th 2016 at 7:00pm (a half an hour earlier)

Nominations were announced, and all the present officers were voted in for another year

Deborah, our competent and lovely office manager is leaving PS for another job.

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