Condo Monthly Meeting January 19,2016

Condo Meeting January 19,2016

All members in attendance or on the phone except Keith.

Credential Committee: a guest staying longer than a month in #301 was interviewed

A guest will be on the 9th floor that has a dog


Building Manager:

Cooling Tower Repair– since it will be a new system installed and there are new city codes there might be complications to complete the job in a timely manner. Two contractors are being considered

Asphalt – maintenance and filling holes is better to do when there are less people in residence but if done in the near future they will do one side at a time. Question: Loud noise?

Security in Parking Lot– will mount more cameras and change older ones for newer ones. They will have a beam that will alarm the doorman if someone is trespassing. He will add more lights. There will be 18 lamps with 50amp bulbs. (I should have asked about solar lights?

The board questioned if they wanted more security with lights going on when the alarm went off. Paint the poles black to make them less Publix parking lot look. New led bulbs also. People asked if there could be an audible alarm to scare off intruders.

Elevator– the part that is missing has to be manufactured and causing the delay. Greg questioned why the elevator has been out for so long, almost a month. Are we speaking to the top people at the company?

Service Elevator– problems with the door shutting is people holding the doors for extra-long times causing the elevator need to be reset it is called “lockout”. Instead of holding the actual doors people should hold the hold button on the panel. Frank will try to have the timer turned to the max.

Trees on Flagler- there are seven trees on north side of Flagler that need to be replanted. Some problems with the city. Greg suggested he would speak to a city official that he knew to see what he could do. They talked about proper time to do the pruning of some very tall trees. Greg would also call in a favor of a landscaper to look over the property. VR from the audience wanted to know what they were doing with the front hedge that was bare. Frank said it was the wind in the corridor next to neighboring apartment building.

Swimming Pool– They will start the resurfacing and the leaks on Feb 1st and will take 5 to 7 days. The pool would be closed during that time. Surface and color would be similar to what is there,

Back to Cooling tower-an engineer has to be picked and when they start the repair the building will not have air conditioning for 2 weeks. It would have been great to do it now but not ready with choice or permits. Maybe it should be done in Oct/Nov of 2016. April was mentioned.



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