PS Meeting March 22,2016

Portofino South Condo Meeting March 22, 2016


All officers attending, KG on the phone


The Parking Lot Redo

The board was given two site planners and GD recommended Gentile Glas Holloway O’Mahoney & Associates

PR asked if the proposal/ contract was given to the lawyer for review. No was the answer.

It was mentioned that this particular site planner had a good relationship with the city. Their purpose would be to try to get less restrictions from the city concerning code in remaking the parking lot.

Concerning using a lawyer to review the paper vote the vote was 6 to 3 not in favor of using the lawyer.

There was a discussion of when to use the lawyer to review contracts and if it is below $75,000 they might not use the lawyer.

This contract was more an advisory type so that was the rational.

BG wanted to make sure we communicated with the condo owners. About each step of the renovation. As we might have to loose spaces as the city wants an 8 ft. width instead of our 10 ft. widths, they want berms every 10 spaces that should be landscaped and addition of handicap spaces near the entrance. Someone mentioned that those spaces should be used by really handicapped people not just those that have decals.

BG mentioned to form a parking committee

The board assured the audience that the whole process would be story boarded and up on the wall of the card room.


Review of Condo Docs

One of the changes that is significant is there will be no noisy construction noise between Dec 15 th and March 15th. Some other buildings have Nov I till May 1.

When the docs are completed the lawyer will come for one meeting to go over them and there will be a yes or no vote on the entity of the docs.

We have had 2-year rule that after you buy an apt you cannot rent it for 2 years. It was discussed to change it to one year but it stayed with 2 years to discourage transients.

They added trucks that are for personal use, not commercial, to the lots across the street. One owner got special permission to have one presently.

Parking decals will be switched to front windows upper left corner.

Discussion about deeded parking spots. Frank said that the association should run the spaces

Much discussion about that in the audience. Nothing resolved.

The condo owners will have 14 days to vote on the new docs.

Lawyers will be asked to highlight the new additions and changes.

PR asked if the By Laws were also amended those changes should also be highlighted by the lawyer

There are also Articles of Corp and maybe The Statues have been changed by the attorney


GD brought up the Discussion of an Assessment

He asked it should be for the paving and not touch the loan yet?

The loans interest is at 4.25% but not till we start to use it.

We have 6 large projects to do in the near future and the loan will not cover all of it.

BG said to spend the loan and wait to assess.

The condo is about half a million short in the next three years

Cooling tower seems to be in immediate danger also

If we put an assessment through owners will have 2 years to pay.

Valerie from the audience said she spoke to someone that she knows and he is on the board at 2 City Plaza and they also had cooling tower problems. She was going to give the information to Frank and to Gregg

Legally they can have an assessment every 6 months – Fla law does not allow any incentives to

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