Latest Crime Report from James Young

From: James Young <>

Date: March 30, 2016 10:50:13 PM EDT

To: James Young <>


Hi Neighbor,
Last evening  we went to the Historic Board meeting & spoke  about the tear downs here in the neighborhoods & tonight we  just came from the Mayors meeting , where we had a good  Police report given by Captain Spatara also Code spoke & was asked about another sober house over in the  Ardmore area, & we learned that for every 4 clients there is a need for a bathroom in these facilities, trust you saw that there were 3 overdose deaths at a not so great sober house in LW. where clients were out  protesting about it,  also we have a New Code Officer should you need him,  his name is Joseph Oliva, 822-1479, &  here are the most recent  crime reports & also unfortunately several people had their vehicles broken into at a  northend condo, but generally speaking crime is  considerably down except for all of the car burglaries, & so the police have asked that we all PLEASE LOCK YOUR VEHICLES, SET  THE ALARMS & PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS IN YOUR VEHICLES,  …….. Lila

1  In the 100 Block of Murray Rd. a residents impact window in the home  was smashed out, $500 in damages.
2. In the 100 Block of Worth Ct.  a prying tool was used to  force a window on a Porsche, the cost of the channel cover & the window repair $500.
3. A Victim had $1255 worth of items stolen from her parked vehicle in the 2400 Block of So. Dixie Hwy., I-phone 6, leather purse & contents etc., all stolen as the vehicles back window was broken out.
4 Money was taken out of a Honda Pilot in the 200 Block of Worth Ct.
5. Suspect went in to a mini-cooper stole cash, 200 Block of Worth Ct. S..
6. Victim parked her car in front of house, came  out next day,  $1220 worth of jackets, fur , backpack, Apple I pad, purse, stolen from 300 Block of Monceaux Rd..
7. 100 Block of Monceaux Rd. , keys were left in Range Rover,  & it was taken, $110,000 vehicle.
8. Police met with victim who said his $80,000 white Mercedes was stolen from his Vincent Rd.  address,  feels it could be a relative.
9. Man went into the KFC on Dixie, left his vehicle running, came out to find a person driving it away , also stolen $1,000 worth  of power & hand tools,  $600 paint sprayer, $200 in personal items.


One thought on “Latest Crime Report from James Young

  1. Useful post – I was fascinated by the specifics – Does someone know if my assistant would be able to acquire a fillable CAR Deeded Parking Purchase and Sale version to type on ?

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