New plans for 3611 S. Flagler Dr. entrance on Washington Road

Hi Neighbor, there are plans going before The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) on  Thurs., May 5, 2016, in case you might wish to attend the meeting, & so  you are aware of what is being proposed for the 3611 So. Flagler  Dr. property.  This project is being proposed just a couple parcels  south of Monroe Dr. in the Historic Southland Park District, where the plans are to demolish the present, 1955 one story apartments that are  there now. What is being proposed is a modern style,  multi 9 unit residential building, 6 stories high, with an overall height of 64 feet. The reason the case is headed to the ZBA is because they are requesting 4 variances. Our Southland Park Neighbor, Dack Patriarca, (3601 So. Flagler Dr.) has a letter in the packet here as he is in the lovely home at  the south corner of Flagler Dr. & Monroe Dr.  & is not in favor of the 4  variances being proposed……. Lila

Adapted from: James Young


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