Portofino Hallway Lamps

Sample hallway lamps have been installed on the first floor. Lamps 1-3 above are the samples. Lamp 4 is the current fixture installed on the first floor hallways. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Portofino Hallway Lamps

  1. I think large items (and I consider all of the sample lamps “large”) of contrasting color do not blend in well with our white walls. If we are going to keep the white walls, I think smaller lamps with lighter colors – white, gold, silver, pastels – are the only ones that will look good. If we want larger lamps or lamps with blacks and browns let’s paint the walls a designer color like a tan or brown – that would look smashing.

    Also I think the hallways are too dark. Let’s look in to lights that are brighter than the sample lamps on display. These are LEDs it will cost very little to use higher watt LED bulbs.

  2. In my opinion i think the three choices are all too old fashion and too ornate. I would like to see modern simple lighting as we have a pattern carpet and a busy ceiling.
    when I built retail stores we used a commercial company called http://www.atgstores.com. I went on their website and looked under the category of hall lights and there were many
    to choose from. also the prices quoted are retail so they would be much less as we are buying so many.
    Vicki Ross

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