October 18, 2016 Portofino South Condominium Association meeting

Present: ML, PK, GD, BG, KG (by phone), HM (by phone), MD, JS (by phone), also manager and office assistant

Absent: PR

ML gave president’s report commending preparations by the staff prior to Hurricane Matthew.

GD gave treasurer’s report stating there were no delinquencies.

Manager’s report stated staff closed 60 percent of owners’ shutters and that he “felt responsible” to help with closing them. He requested a solution to remove injury liability of staff closing owners’ shutters. He suggested bringing in a company twice a year to maintain the shutters and charge owners. BG and GD agreed something should be done to ensure all units’ hurricane shutters are maintained.

Manager quoted $1200-1500 to re-build a fence and gate to keep pool inaccessible from the street and $300 to repair wooden fence in guest parking lots damaged by the hurricane.

Manager discussed some dis-ease over the current elevator maintenance company and said damage to the drive on one of the main elevators may have to be paid out of pocket (over $10,000). The elevator is inoperable and was damaged by the generator used to run it during the hurricane-associated power outages.

Manager asked board for local bank recommendations to put reserve fund ($180,000). Reserve fund previously held by Morgan Stanley.

MD gave credentials committee report and stated she had interviewed the occupants of unit 212.

Pool committee chair stated she thinks the committee is not currently needed and should be disbanded.

GD spoke for decorating committee and showed samples of chairs and pictures of tables as possibilities for the card room furniture. Motion to proceed with purchasing the chairs and tables at about $6000 was passed.

GD gave the committee’s ideas for counter, bar, refrigerator, and sink to be installed in card room.

BG proposed to send two changes to the Declaration of Condominium to the lawyers. The manager suggested sending the new Declaration of Condominium to owners in November. The Declaration must be approved by unit owners before it takes effect.

Manager presented 2017 budget, stated it was very similar to last year with some changes in insurance, gas, and replacing exhaust fans on the roof. Income from antenna leases will be about $31,000. GD suggested special assessments for ceiling tiles and lighting in two to three months and for painting and restoration in eighteen months, with the parking lot project being included in the budget. BG opposed paying for the parking lot project out of the budget and stated it should be a special assessment. BG and GD noted that our current budget does not fund reserves and so special assessments are necessary. Budget was not voted on.

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