FPL Notice

FPL Notice

It was brought up by the audience at the last condo meeting that maybe that FPL should be contacted about the things that went wrong because of the inconsistency of the electricity during the last hurricane.

Do we have Surge Shield as a building?



Condo Meeting Minutes- November 16, 2016

Condo Meeting- November 16,2016

All Board Members Present except P.R. and  M. M. on the telephone

Budget Report:

We had a financial loss this period but because of the redo of the pool and the redo of the card room

There are only two units that are 15 days late

Manager’s Report:

Parts for inoperative elevator are due the first week of December

There was damage during the past storm, the fluctuation of the electricity during that day was the cause. Insurance does not pay.

Someone from the audience questioned if FPL was contacted and then another person suggested to put together a meeting with FPL and to see if something could be discussed.

Cooling Tower Project is in motion- when it starts it should take about 3 weeks if all goes smoothly- units will not have air conditioning during this period- hopefully it will be cool outside.

Generator -part has been repaired

Redoing all the sliding doors in the apts- all done there will be a discount-(this is new to me)

The building manager brought up that a unit owner had a problem with a leak from another apartment-the board assumed that most people have home insurance. It was a rule in the past but for some reason it slipped through the cracks and there is no rule. The board suggested that they check with the lawyer to see if it is legal to require home insurance. Everyone agreed that all units should have home insurance.

Someone from the audience mentioned that people should have liability.

A new unit owner was interviewed for unit 309

Decorating Committee Report:

G.D. the only person there from that committee

No one liked the first attempt at changing the hall light samples

So they have ordered new samples to choose from.

Old Business:

B.G. discussed the reworking of our condo docs, there were some new qualifying items brought up by the lawyer. There will be a total unit meeting to explain the new docs before they are officially sent out. If the unit owner is here they will be able to pick a copy at the front desk.

It is a “yes or no” vote only which will take place sometime in January.

The topic of home insurance should be in the docs- they will add them.

Discussed that there will be a moratorium of construction between Dec 15th and March 15th. But will not start this year but next.


$2 increase in cable which should be added to unit’s maintenance

Gas for the heater on the roof has become very expensive so if it is very cold and heat is required our bill will be very high.

We do not have to redo the roof it has another three years…a nice saving.

Parking lot repair will be a big number

Exhaust fans on the roof might have to be replaced about $24,000. We should start putting money in a reserve for that project.

A discussion about not funding the reserves and the emergency fund

Washing machine income should be kept separately and used to buy replacement machines.

Motion: the unit owners should have new revised docs 14 days before annual meeting

No New Business- Meeting Adjourned

Luxury Crystal Condominium coming to our neighborhood


A sign is up at 3611 S. Flagler announcing pre-sales for the Crystal Condominium. This land sits about two blocks north of Portofino South, just north of the Flagler Yacht Club condominiums. The building will be small, seven stories, with only six residences total. The developer appears to be targeting high-end buyers, as each unit will have 3 to 4 bedrooms and be finished with high-end materials. I am glad the development will not bring dozens of new residents to our neighborhood – it could have been a much larger project.

Find out more about the development at their website: