James Young’s comment on the new construction on Dixie Highway



December 7, 2016 Condo Meeting

Regular Meeting:

Margie Daley reported that she interviewed  5 sales,1 renter, and 3 roommates this month.

Ballots for the reserve question were counted and the result was 17 not  and 63 yes (to not fund the reserves)  80 votes in total but 2 were handed in at the meeting but not counted in this figure.

The board adopted the budget with no discussion

Lucia Bonavita,unit 704,was appointed to the board to replace Parker Reid,and Keith Gornick( who sold his apartment).

Someone asked from the audience when will the parking lot project start and Greg answered either May 1 2017 or June 1 2017.

Organizational Meeting: 

Officers were picked for the next year.

Pam Kittinger – President

Margie Daley- Vice President

Greg D’Elia- Treasurer

Helen MacDonald- Secretary

Condo meetings will remain on the Third Tuesday of each month from September thru May at 7:00 pm

and the first Wednesday in December for the annual meeting  at 7:30pm

Bank Signatures will be Pam,Greg, Margie with Martha as an alternate

and Frank is the emergency signer. Two signatures are required.

The board thanked Martha Lee who has served 18 years on the board.


“For Sale” Open House Thursday

I was made aware by the realtor of my unit, 1210, that there is an open house of the “for sale” units of Portofino South tomorrow, Thursday the 8th, from 1-3PM. Some, if not all, realtors representing for sale units in the building are participating. So come down to the lobby during that time and meet with a realtor if you are interested in acquiring a(nother) unit.

Because of the high number of units currently for sale at Portofino, the management office approved an open house. However, I don’t believe the office has posted any notice for residents.

-BL, #1210

Editorial by Vicki Ross

Parker Reid has not been at 2 board meetings. There was no announcements about his absence.  I happen to live on the same floor as he does and when I saw him I asked “how come you missed the meetings” he then replied that he resigned as he felt he could not accomplish anything on this particular board, it was a waste of his time. I was sorry to hear that as I think we should have people on the board that challenge other opinions that they might disagree with. Parker has managed other buildings and is an attorney but found himself alone against a solid clique that exists on the board. We only have two other people that I feel trust in will disagree if they feel the need.

Now for the rumor that is circulating in the building that he resigned as he is ill. This is far from the truth as I stated above the reason why he resigned. The latter rumor makes the board as a whole look better?

Another matter, we have a website that has never anything on it. When I was up north I would have loved to know if someone that lived in the building had passed away, the progress of the parking lot project, and what happened at the board meetings. I thought that was what the website was for. When the talk of the beginning of the website began I suggested a blog as it is free, easily managed and you could upload info very easily. Now we spent money mounting a website and paying someone a monthly fee to maintain it which in the budget is $1200 for the year. Why???

That’s my 2 cents!