Further Information On the New Window Project

First introduced at the manager’s meeting and then mentioned in the last board meeting…I did some research.

I have original doors and windows and have original hurricane shutters. They are both in very good shape  and I live on the ninth floor.

I asked two different real estate agents about the value to my apartment if I changed my windows and doors would it bring extra value to my apartment. Both agents said changing Kitchen and / or bathrooms would add value but not windows and doors. One agent said since I live in a high floor this would not be a real problem during a hurricane.

So I will not change my windows and doors. But 20 people in the building have expressed interest into this project.

The Renew Pace document which was given out I also read thoroughly. The main problem I have with their offer is the interest rate is 6.75% for 5 years . I looked up in Bankrate.com and if I took a home equity loan  for 5 years it would be about 3.74%.

Note: If you decide to go ahead and with the suggested company All American Windows I did find some bad reviews about this specific company on the web. I am waiting for a phone call from a building that used this company 2 years ago for their recommendation.

However, there are many condos in the building that have already changed their windows. Why not contact these companies first instead of a company no one has used before. Also we were not told what kind of glass is being offered at this price and there are many various types.

I also wonder where this project came from and why now?

Vicki Ross






2 thoughts on “Further Information On the New Window Project

  1. Good information to consider, thank you. It’s true there is not much danger of debris hurling in to the windows on the higher floors.

  2. You are correct but some people might want the sound reduction and UVA protection. But I went to the home show at the Convention Center yesterday where there were at least 12 window replacement companies. Did spend a little time learning about all the variables. There are many so investigate carefully.

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