Thought These Numbers Might Be Helpful

As usual Jim & I attended the Mayors Southend Meeting  & am bringing info gathered  back to you,  there are several new staff members at WPB  City Hall so wanted to pass along there phone numbers as well as others should you need them & their news:

1. If you have a street light that is burned out or damaged,  phone Peter Bieniek (Director of Public Works) @(561) 494-1099.It helps if you can get any numbers off the pole, as some of our lights are repaired by the City & some by FPL. Park lights call Parks Dept.

2. There are  some new Code Enforcement Officers &  New Zone Breakouts (with Some Overlapping):
Generally  for Prospect Park, (  The Zone is –  No. side of Southern Blvd. to So. side of Belvedere Rd., Flagler Dr. to Dock St., I-95) phone Richard Pazmino @ (561) 822-2068.
Generally for El Cid, ( The Zone is – No. side of Belvedere  Rd. to the So. side of Okeechobee Blvd., Flagler Dr. to Parker Ave.) phone  Mark Sargent @ (561) 822-1472.
Code Compliance Manager, is Mark Joyce – (561) 822-1473.

3. With the Police Dept. Sectors: Prospect Park & El Cid are both in  Sector 23 with some overlapping.  The Police ask that you please Lock, Alarm & take your valuables Out of your vehicles. Also , The Police Dept.  is  sending a request out for many needed volunteers for the Feb. 4.  ‘Farm Share’ @ 10am to 1pm, for  the 2nd annual Food Distribution which will be at Gaines Park (1501 No. Australian Ave.) , contact Elizabeth Diebel at  , to volunteer for this event. Also I have  now received several reports from residents that the assumed window washing man (who they say has only  a bucket & rag) has gone to several doors in El Cid & Prospect Park,  asking to walk around their homes to do their windows, atleast  one resident phoned  the Police on this mans behavior at their door, remember to be aware & keep your doors locked & remember you do not need to open your door, &  the non emergency Police  phone number is 822-1900 & of course use 911 for any & all EMERGENCIES ONLY.

4. Rick Greene , Director of Development Services (561, 822-1455) reported that there are now 75 city wide sober houses in WPB,   &  in that number  there are 42 sober houses south of Okeechobee Rd., these are the ones the City knows about & are registered.

5. Todd Snyder – the new  Park Operations  Manager. phone @ (561) 822-2160.

6. If you should have a problem (such as a water main break etc.)  with City Public Utilities, phone Poonam Kalkat, Director @(561) 822–2284, &  CALL the EMERGENCY Line if it is after 4pm @ (561) 822-2210.

7. it was reported by  Kevin Volbrecht, the new Director of  Engineering Services phone @ (561) 494-1091 that hopefully the 1301 So.  Dixie Hwy., Woodlawn Cemetery Fence will be completed by the first week of March.
It was also  reported by the new Director of Engineering Services,  that there will be more discussion on whether benches can be placed on the El Cid Dock.
It was also  reported by the new Director of Engineering Services,  that it will be one to two years before the Gateway on Belvedere Rd. between Dixie & Olive will be landscaped.

8. The City is engaging in a new, City of Kindness Project, to help neighbors in need & to spread goodwill & cheer, to find out more about this project & to explore the hub of resources for the ” kind movement”,  contact Ms. Cynthia Rivera, @

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