More about changing your windows and doors

I went to the Home Improvement show at the convention center and there were at least 12 stands of window companies. I think this is a new trend in Florida. Here are some of what I learned.

1.Is the glass insulated or laminated insulating -on the edge , middle-

2. what is the strength

3. vinyl or aluminum casing

4. is the company you are using the manufacturer or a distributor

5. what is the impact resistance factor there a warrantee even during a hurricane shutters should be necessary the company you are dealing with an accredited organization much noise reduction

10.should have 99% reduction of fading

11. changing might reduce your home insurance

12. are they high-performance Low-E

13.there are many tints to the glass and custom colors to framing

14.argon gas?

15. privacy glass

16.easy finger tip operation?

18. optional third piece of glass?

19.corrosion resistant hardware

20. resistant to scratching

and lots more …it is a complicated decision!




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