Condo Monthly Meeting- March 21 2017

Condo Meeting Minutes- March 21, 2017

All members present

Minutes from the 2/23 and 3/1 meetings were approved

On April 14th there will be a walkthrough of the parking lot project

April 22 is the farewell party for the building

Treasurer’s Report by G.D.

The card room remodel was taken out of operating expenses

There was an added expense this month involving plumbing- main line

There was a corroding pipe in the 9 line and it was leaking into the first floor apartment

Apt 110 was also cleaned out

H.M. thanked Anne for her beautiful presentation of her China trip to the condo owners in the card        room

Manager’s Report:

He worked with the decorating committee to get more bids for the hallway renovations

He met with FPL through the introduction of Lucia about the outages in the building                         He said it was line problems

Channel 5 will take space on our roof and pay $450 a month. He has committed to a 5 year   contract

He will buy a new dumpster as we fill the one and only one too quickly and the maintenance

People have to walk it over to the dumpster that is  for the large pieces

B.G. felt that there is a lot of owners using the dumpster for construction garbage and they

should pay us for this. All construction debris is supposed to be taken off the property by the   contractors.HM asked that our dumpster on the south side should be pushed back out of sight.

Discussion of a fining committee?

We have more trash than ever

He surveyed the windows and feels that there are 74 windows without impact windows or      shutters ( I do not think you can tell from the outside)

we have a new sound system for the board meetings …if they use the microphone

VR mentioned that more people should fold their boxes and cause less bulk in recycles

Decorating the Hallways:

New Lights will be $25,000 +, they are ADA compliant

Freight will be $1200 ,pallets $150 and installation $4675   Total: $31,000 +

We need 240 fixtures with 25 extra for the future

New Ceiling Tiles: They have two bids

The grid has to be replaced also ,they showed the new tiles to the board not to the audience

2x 2 feet tiles for a total of $80,000 plus

GD questioned if they would line up straight?

BG asked what’s up there – are there any known problems up there  (cable, Water line)

Frank does not see any foreseeable problems or any extra cost, the air conditioning ducts        have        to be rehung.

VR asked if they knew the wattage, if they had LED  bulbs of the new lights- no one knew. She        questioned        If the hallways would be any brighter.

R S from the audience asked if any new fire laws would affect our new ceiling

Total of $137,736.88 for the total remake and they suggested an assessment to pay for this.

They took a vote to the assessment and to go forward with the project and the vote was a tie

Thus as of now the project is on hold and no assessment for this

Old Business:

Trimming the mangroves – Frank had two estimates one from Jason’s Arbor Care and one from

Green Spaces- initial trimming, maintenance trimming and new planting

Annual trimming about $3500 plus permits

If any new plants are added they have to be watered for two weeks by us

VR expressed that we should not do anything as the bridge is going to be adjacent to this area   for maybe 4 years – it is going to be a mess

GD also did not want to plant anything new but just trim and get invasive species out

It might bring it down to $2500 plus permit.

One board member opposed  7 approved


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