Important Telephone Numbers from James Young

Here are a few important numbers you should have in case of an immediate need or emergency at your home, at your neighbors house, or on your street: all of these are (561) numbers (except FPL’s # below, & the Sober House Hotline # below, & the poison control #) also, if you do not who to call for a situation , or it is not listed below, dial the WPB City, 24 Hour Hotline # at 822-2222 & they will direct you to the correct WPB  City Dept. Please copy this & keep by your home telephone or on your refrigerator  so the whole family & nanny have  easy access to the #’s, & put the  #’s in your cell phone, as things can occur at any time & we  are not far away from hurricane season, so we all need to be at the  ready for the quickest telephone response time possible.  Hope this list helps you & yours & we can add any numbers you think others might need, just let me know,  Lila

– Police Dept.,  Non emergency, 822-1900, & of course Dial 911 for emergencies Only.
– Fire Dept.,, 804-4700.
– Garbage/Trash Collection Dept., 822-2075.
– Street Repair Dept., 494-1040.
– Water Dept., 822-1300.
– Public Works After 4pm, 822-2210
– Building  Dept., 805-6700.
– Parks Dept., 804-4900.
– Code Enforcement Dept., 822-1465.
– City Library, 868-7700.
– Mayors Office, 822-1400.
– City Commissioners Offices, 822-1390.
– Animal Control, 233-1200.
– Poison Control PBCo., 800-222-1222
– Florida Power & Light Emergency, 800-468-8243.
– Coast Guard, 848-8868, 844-5030.
– Florida Fish & Wildlife, 624-6935, 625-5122.
– SeaTow, 844-8056.
– Sober House Hotline @ the State Attorneys Office, (844) 324-5463.
– PBIA Noise Line, 683-7242(you can leave a message on the answer recording  machine , & say where & when the extra noisy airline passing over was heard & seen).

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