Repavement of Washington Road from James Young

1. Happily we heard  great news that we are on the docket to have Washington Rd. repaved but even  more importantly to also  have the very old infrastructure beneath the roadway redone as its been there  a very long, long time. & that tired  debilitation  is what is causing our sink  holes & pot holes. Originally the construction  was only  going to be from Avila Rd. to Royal Palm Rd. but most fortunately, we requested & the City took a good  look at  it & now it  is going to be done from Avila Rd. down to Edgewood Dr. (Prospect & Southland Park) , which is terrific news for all.  Starting in April there will be a selection of the design concept approximately 12 months,  then 4-6 months to hire a contractor,  so construction could start in  approximately 18 months from now. I know it seems a bit away, & it will be during the Southern Blvd.  Bridge Construction. However, I know how many of you have asked for this to happen so yes, it will not happen tomorrow, & yes there will be some inconveniences for all of us with the major construction,  but we have wanted a redo of Washington Rd. for a very  long time now  as it is certainly needed so we will endure the inconveniences, & I asked the City to keep us up to date so that we all can attend any called meetings.

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