Additional Meeting to The Additional- Hallways and Assessment

April 4th Meeting:

The meeting was about rescinding a motion and put another motion on the table. A lot of procedure language. ML put a new motion of the exact prices of the redo of the hallways, ceilings, lights and the ceilings above the elevators. Thus, they then could vote on an assessment.

Some members want a small assessment for only this project, some want a larger assessment to include the parking lot and the cooling tower. They discussed a single assessment or many assessments. Some wanted to wait two weeks when we have an estimate for the parking lot where there is a great deal of confusion about the estimated total cost of this project.

Some members are more realistic about doing the hallways first as we have no money and a large loan. No financial planning has been discussed or a payment schedule for these assessments. We need to prioritize projects for their importance. there was a motion to table the hallways but it did not pass.

This board with its new president does not come to the meeting with a clear agenda or a strategy. There were also few condo owners in the audience and the majority never speak up or raise a question. THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES FOR EVERYBODY THAT LIVES IN THE BUILDING  SHOULD BE PARTICIPATING.



Condo Docs revised:

I received the new copy but cannot see the changes. They were not bolded or underlined.

I still have questions and comments on the original and the new version. They are below. (they are mine and not be construed that others should feel they way I do )

A5- 7 pages are not in the new packet

B1- 19 pages are missing

p.D2-point 2.9- we should add a visible list of committees- not in this definition

p.D4-point 2.25- they should add internet

p.D9- point 7.2-problem with language “ without regard to whether”

p.D12- point 8- you renewed the card room without the vote from the association which this point specifies

page D14 point g iii-add old carpeting with worn out padding

  1. D15 point (iv) kitchen exception

p.D19 (g) retain records of all alterations and contractors that do them for a period of 2 years-these records are not maintained now.

On assessments- condo owners are not protected by the board from issuing any assessments that the majority of condo owners do not want or approve.

p.D24- point 13- Insurance-not strong enough management should know who has or does not have insurance.***

p.D26 point 13.4 (b) I – why it would  be determined by the association -I think it should read the insurance company not the association.

p.D30 point 15.5- discretion of the board – no we need an outside opinion

p.D30 point 15.5 (a) think the order should be mortgage company, then condo owner, then association

p.D32 point 16.1- currently we have a group of Filipinos domestic help that works on the island and we have young men in 1007 that are not related . Do they go when these rules go into effect?

p.D33 2nd paragraph- at the end records should be kept for a minimum of 1 year of guests-retention of records is legally correct-retention of records

  1. 34 (c ) do we keep this info and do we ask for a renewal

(f) not patrolled

And finally, the parking Exhibit A does not follow the original condo docs which I have a copy of.

I do not know who revised it but it was never discussed in a board metting nor was there a committee appointed.

I also want to know if an absent vote is a no vote?




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