Comcast Contract

I am told that we have 2 more years on our present contract with Comcast as our cable provider. The contract was for 5 years and negotiated by a past manager, who is no longer our manager.

I asked our present manager to see if we could add the new Oprah channel OWN, which is free on a basic package from Time Warner (which I have as my provider in New York) and he called the building’s contact and was told no. I also find that lots of stations that I get as part of basic package, with the second largest cable provider, are missing on my Comcast line up here.

I really feel that the next contract should not be negotiated  just by the current manager but with someone from the board or someone appointed by the board that lives in the building. I also think 5 years is too long to lock us in to any tech company contract these days.

We are overpaying currently for a below average package. Just my opinion……


The Mystery of the Barbecue

There once was a barbecue for all to use

along came someone and said it had to be relocated

and then there was none!

Some say Frank threw it out as it was dangerous and would blow.

but others say….. it was a year old

and has anyone ever seen a barbecue blow?

and I guess the clock on the bathhouse wall was dangerous too?

as it is gone too!