Are we Maximizing our Proximity To Trump?

Frank announced at the last condo meeting that he had made a deal for a local TV channel to use our roof. He announced the amount of money per month that we would earn but I have to wonder if we should strategically investigate all our options and the highest going rates. The building next store has done a major installation on their roof lately …I wonder what other buildings are getting. He also announced it was a five year deal….that is a very long time in this ever changing technology world to lock in a price. This is something a committee of people in this field should be investigating. We are the highest building in relation to Trump so we have the advantage.

Power went out in the building on Thursday at 5:44 pm but this was definitely weather related.



20170131_100854aThe tall building to our south has just added 12 more cell towers to their roof. Can’t remember of they did have them before and these are new replacements. Some are pointing in our direction.

The power went out in the building once again for a minute or two. It was Saturday morning Jan 28th at 8:45 am. I am going to keep track as this is now a regular occurrence. This is not good for the building’s electrical system or ours. No notification from FPL ¬†as one of our board members said always happens when we have a power outage.

Also if you need a handyman I just used one and he seems to be very helpful. His name is Sammy Johnson 561 351 2090. He was not recommended by anyone so you are on your own here.