20170131_100854aThe tall building to our south has just added 12 more cell towers to their roof. Can’t remember of they did have them before and these are new replacements. Some are pointing in our direction.

The power went out in the building once again for a minute or two. It was Saturday morning Jan 28th at 8:45 am. I am going to keep track as this is now a regular occurrence. This is not good for the building’s electrical system or ours. No notification from FPL  as one of our board members said always happens when we have a power outage.

Also if you need a handyman I just used one and he seems to be very helpful. His name is Sammy Johnson 561 351 2090. He was not recommended by anyone so you are on your own here.



FPL Notice

FPL Notice

It was brought up by the audience at the last condo meeting that maybe that FPL should be contacted about the things that went wrong because of the inconsistency of the electricity during the last hurricane.

Do we have Surge Shield as a building?


We have Smart Meters and are they harmful to our health?

Below is an article that was in the free paper left out in our mail room.
I called FPL and asked them to come to Portofino South and do a reading or the waves emitting from our meter rooms on each of our floors. They are the locked doors to the left of the passenger elevators. You can see the actual meters on the 12th floor as that door is usually open as it is the entrance to the roof. FPL said they did not come out and do readings but would send me information about the safety of smart meters . It came from their Customer Advocacy Dept. If you would like to hear what they say you can go to the link below.

Another owner that I consulted who is much smarter than I am about these things commented, “As far as I am concerned the sheet does not attempt to show both sides about safety. The company has an agenda to get the meters on every place of service, so information to support that agenda is what the PR department produced.”


December 31, 2015

Condo, home & office residents bodies and brains are being cooked 24 hours a day by high levels of radio waves coming from FPL Smart Meters, which have been banned by over 50 local governments in California alone and hundreds of governments in America & around the world. But our Florida leaders are blind to it due to contributions from the FPL monopoly to their campaigns. A recent testing at a local condo in NPB called Paradise Harbour showed levels that are catastrophic to residents. The most recent Bio Initiative Report stated any Microwatts per Square Meter above 1,000 of these waves is dangerous to human health and their maximum “Precautionary Level” of waves is 100. Anything above 100 could be harmful to you. Axis Environmental Solution’s Eric Billitier, a Building Biologist and EMRS Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist recently measured waves at the condo. The meter room was emitting peak levels at 209,200 and averaging levels of 12,562 twenty four hours a day. A unit located above the meter room had measurements that peaked at 3,650 and averaged 1,007 hourly. That condo unit is a death trap thanks to FPL. Other condo units located away from the Smart Meter room had peak levels of 946 and average levels of 591. FPL is cooking residents every day and our leaders are doing nothing. Major media is refusing to run this tragic story due to fear of loosing FPL advertising dollars. A medical expert told me to expect a 500% increase in brain cancer, children born retarded and extreme symptoms of diabetes by 2020, especially in older residents who live in condos with Smart Meters, or people who have them attached to their homes or offices. Just google “smart meter dangers” and see the facts for yourself. If you live in a condo these waves must pass thru concrete, steel and your body to get to FPL antennas. If an antenna is located near your home you’re being cooked at extremely high levels. That is why governments have banned them. The FPL Monopoly is cooking us to death and they don’t give a damn because local media and political leaders would rather accept their bribes (campaign contributions) than protect the people who elected them.