An owner offers a very expensive gift and the board rejects the gift

An owner in the building had his partner die recently and he had spent his last days in his apartment in the PS. He lived on a floor that had a round table at the end  of the floor framed by the windows overlooking Washington Road. Also on the floor was a desk between the elevator doors. Each piece of furniture had a plant on it. The donor found the same pieces of furniture at Kofski’s and it was available. The people of the 4th floor loved have the hallways decorated with furniture and especially the donor.

So the owner decided in memory of his partner’s death he would purchase tables and desks for each floor and gift it to the building. He proposed the idea to the head of the board and he said he would present it to the board. It was presented to the Jan board meeting and they voted to not accept the gift. The next day the one table and one desk was removed from the fourth floor.

This building is always crying we do not have money to do all the things the owners have suggested and then they reject about a $5000 gift. This also took 2 months for the board to discuss and the donor has not even been notified that his gift has been rejected. Our floors look like institutional hallways. All the buildings I have been in in PB have lovely pieces of furniture in their hallways.

Maybe it is better to access the owners once again for hallway furniture in the future?

Note: I think they partly rejected the furniture as they thought it was a few inches too wide for the hallway.