Board Meeting July 12, 2016

Regarding our parking lot overhaul, the last board meeting included planning to approach West Palm Beach city employees with our plan to see what they would require to meet code. Our landscaper went to the city and reported back during this board meeting.

Changes will be required to the west guest parking lots as well as to our main property. Trees and a hedge for the western lot will be $12,000. The removal and replacement of trees along Washington Blvd. at about $2,000 per tree was discussed. These charges will┬áseparate from Keshavarz & Associates’ (engineers) charges.

P.R. said the manager had given him a parking lot project estimate of $1/2 million.

Some of the uncovered parking spaces on the main property will be reduced in width by six inches to accommodate required islands with trees every ten spaces. No parking spaces will be lost in the current plan.

Possible changes to handicapped spaces were discussed.

The secondary bike shed will be relocated slightly to meet code.

The area around the fountain which currently has tiles over river rock will be paved to improve pedestrian access.

The engineer wants to put in a fence surrounding the recycling bin storage area (near bike shed and south parking) to meet code. The engineer wants to put in a fence on the very east side of the property to enclose the pool from public access. This is a health and safety issue.