Manager’s Meeting – Portofino South Jan 11, 2017

7PM meeting attended by Frank Legalante and residents/owners.

-Window/Door Replacement
Manager sought quotes for owners wishing to replace all their outdoor unit glass with “hurricane glass” i.e. impact-resistant glass. Quotes were obtained and passed out during the meeting for four companies, who were promised at least 15 owners would buy. Manager recommended All American Windows, which had prices ranging from $8-17K for complete unit glass replacement. This contractor participates in PACE financing, which allows principal and interest to be paid through the property tax bill. Current owners who have replaced the original glass (1971) said they had seen benefits including less A/C usage and less ambient noise getting in to the apartment. A quote was also obtained for new shutter installation ($2.5-5K per unit), but glass replacement was recommended by manager.

-Cooling Tower Replacement
Replacement is scheduled to take between 2-3 weeks and will commence in March. No units will have A/C during this time. Bids for this project are not yet in.

-Parking Lot Replacement
Replacement is scheduled to take 4 months and will commence in May. Bids for this project are not yet in.

-Possibly, the two above replacement projects will be financed through loans the association already has.


Condo Board Meeting February 16, 2016

card room, Portofino South, West Palm Beach

All board members in attendance except KG and HM on the telephone.

Martha commented that those who missed the Valentine Party missed a great party.

Financial repo­­rt

Manager’s report – Security Cameras, Pool, Parking Lot Repavement

New parking lot security cameras and lights are installed and working.

The pool will be ready by this Monday, February 22, or Tuesday, Feb 23.

They found three unexpected layers of tile and many more leaks than they thought. Five leaks were found in the existing gutters.

When it is done it will take 1 day to fill. We were probably losing 2 to 3 inches of water a day.

Gregg figured that was costing us $8000 to $12,000 a year

Parking lot repaving is next on the to-do list, with the contractor in the planning stages. No estimated time frame was given for start of on-site work.

We might have to change parking plan to adhere to current code, adding disabled parking on this side of the lots. Need a planner to design the area?

Pool Activities Committee report

KC, co-chair of the Pool Activities Committee, reported.

They met the Sunday before the condo meeting. 2 board members attended and 4 owners. Her co-chair suggested extending the pool hours so people that work can enjoy the pool. They suggested 9:00pm instead of 8:00pm which is the current close time.

She also brought up that some owners were complaining about the noise from a swimming instructor during her lessons with two children from the building.  HM commented that she thought we were being too strict about children’s noise. I think the committee was not targeting the children but the instructor. BG brought up the insurance liability of the instructor, and GD and Frank said that was not an issue as they had spoken to a lawyer about this situation.

BG indicated she had not known about this discussion with the lawyer and has many times not been kept abreast of important decisions or private discussions of other board members and management, and that all members of the board should be informed about all conversations and decisions relevant to the board. Another board member said that Frank should be consulted to find out all current positions as he is the “repository of information” for the board.

They suggested more lighting especially near the porch stairs leading to the pool deck from the building.

VR reported a renter was sitting on the porch chairs moved down to the pool deck, but the board did not think that was against any laws.

Decorating Committee

GD mentioned there was a decorating committee which had met twice. One of the areas of discussion of this committee is the hall lights.

Vote to Extend Pool Hours and to Research Additional Pool Lighting

The lighting of the pool was spoken about. It should be increased if we are extending the hours of the pool.

Frank had suggested a plan and a price he was quoted of $7500, but an owner from the audience said she had just had something similar done at her house and she had a much better price.

The board voted to extend the hours of the pool and the barbecue to 9:30pm, but only if the lights were addressed for safety. Flood light placement was discussed. Concerns were that new light poles would make the pool area look like a Publix parking lot, and that lights must be positioned so that they do not glare in to second and third story units. The manager urged caution in the vote, as the office would be the ones receiving noise complaints if leaving the pool area open longer would lead to noise later at night.

Frank mentioned residents are not allowed in the pool after dark, even though the stated pool closing time has been 8:00pm. This was disputed, as some board members believed pool use was allowed until the closing time.

Legislation that might Affect Portofino

HM suggested that the board or the condo’s legal staff look at Florida Legislature House Bill # 1357, even though it is currently directed at buildings of 500 units or more.

Sauna and Meeting Adjournment

The Board never asked for any questions from the audience.

An owner asked to have the issue of the damaged sauna added to the next board meeting’s agenda, and was told that he had to speak to Frank for possible inclusion.


Just My Opinion

-Portofino South, West Palm Beach

I am sure the board and some owners will be very unhappy about my opinions below but we are not invited to speak at the meetings so as owners and the people that elected this board we have no outlet to question any of their decisions. The building has a new website and that was not even discussed at the meeting. Those meetings just make people mad and frustrated so very few people attend. Bravo to Betsy for questioning some things.

The Pool

Yes, it was only supposed to take 5 working days but as Frank explained last night at the board meeting they found multiple problems thus the longer time. Since the pool is part of the original structure of the hotel, of course, there would be multiple problems. Since a lot of said problems were in the over flow part when whatever company estimated the job did not they investigate this. Also this company seems like a band of loose people. Where is the supervisor, uniforms, company trucks? And why are we allowing them to park their personal vehicles in non-parking spots. They leave the pool each night like a garbage heap. There are of course overages in costs. Each project that the building tackles there is a complication. The roof and the repaying of the parking lots are next. What company fixed our pool? Does anyone know?

(yes someone knows and the company is Skyler Pools and it does not have a good report on Same issue of taking forever to fix or build a pool.) Ever hear of google before you employ someone? Also checked  in Coconut Creek and there were two similar complaints about time and issues never resolved. These two users are thinking of suing this pool company.

Illegal rentals and boarders.

Apt 808 has just been redone and is not waiting the two-year rule to rent it. He has had two different ” guests” that have signed in for three days each. When I have guests they usually stay with their hosts? These owners started the same way with apt 903 and continued to get away with it …not obeying the rules. Do we still have an apt with a boarder? It has been discussed at board meetings but I do not think it has been dealt with.

Our entrance looks very bare

The white boxes have been taken away. I cannot believe that we cannot find a plant species that will grow in that spot, what about all these gorgeous lush PB gardens on the beach that populate the island. If all else fails there are some fabulous fake trees or plants that would give the area a little pizazz. Also the hedge at the northern front end of the parking lot has to be replaced, it has been dying for months.

There is a new decorating committee

Announced at the meeting. who is on it? Someone I know in the building was asked

Led to believe she was on it and then called and told the committee was full. Such community well feeling in this building… it always amazes me.

I do not know why the building refuses to have a fire drill

We had last week another stove fire which turned out to be no flames but a lot of smoke.

It was started by a guest but the doorman had no telephone number for her as she never registered as a guest. The guest did the wrong thing by opening the front door so the smoke went into the hall. Some apts on the 9th floor were alerted that there was a fire and we should leave our apts and walk down the stairs. One couple on the floor did not know where the stairs were. People came up from the lobby via the elevator to help and see what was going on. I thought you were not supposed to use the elevators during a fire? At least 10 people called the doorman to ask if they should evacuate. The door man was very calm and tried to do his best but did not know that he could get on the intercom and tell all the apts that the fire was not serious and they did not have to walk down the stairs. I walked down 9 floors!

Don’t you think it would be a good thing to educate us condo owners how to conduct ourselves during a fire? It was chaos on the floor.

Notices near the mailboxes

For notices such as meeting announcements and board meeting agenda: The font is too small and too high up for people to read.

I also feel having a locked bulletin board isn’t very democratic. I wanted to post something and it was rejected by the office as it was advertising a service.

Lets start to think Smart and Green and Forward.

How about solar lights in the parking lot and the perimeter?

How about a green roof? There are builders in WPB that are installing these and since we have to redo our roof why not look into it?

When doing the parking area over how about a few outlets for electric cars?

Construction During Season:

Since there are new rules but they have not been given out construction goes on during PB high season. The window replacements in # 1102 started at 8:30am one morning last week. I went to the office and Frank spoke to them too late I was up, I went up as my terrace was full of pieces of cement and of course rudely spoken to by the installers. I also noticed that they were using the electricity from a hallway outlet, we are paying for that, down to Frank and he allowed them to continue. I believe that we should not have any noisy construction during season and someone has to monitor it closely. Glass fell on my downstairs neighbor’s terrace. I suggested to Frank that the contractor should be billed for clean-up and if there is no electricity bring a generator. Even though the windows are done all the sawing for the interior of the apt is done on the terrace and it continues. I think we are in the 4th or 5th week of construction noise.

Yesterday on the ninth floor there were white footsteps on the carpet coming from construction in #904. Also the workmen used our laundry sink to wash out their tools or brushes. Do I want to put my clothes in this sink to perhaps prewash?

Wouldn’t it be a good idea for Frank before he ­leaves to check if all this construction isn’t migrating to other areas.


Notices for meetings could be printed in a larger font and placed lower so we might be able to read them. Also, if someone volunteers to chair a meeting there should be some respect from the board during said meeting. I have been on three committees: one I was fired from, second one I worked with a partner to gather a lot of info and it was ignored and the last one I was told it was asked to leave as it was just for board members despite non board members were present.

I get the hint no more meetings for me !!

Your old Toilet

The state of Florida will give you a $120 rebate if you want to replace your old one for a newer model. The newer toilets use a lot less water and they are trying to save water. The rebate is part of the Water Smart Program.

The above is just my opinion and written to start a dialogue. Please leave comments and give at least a partial name to identify yourself.


Construction Noise During “Season”

Since I arrived there has been construction noise above me. Frank, our building manager , had so many complaints that he was able to stop it for Christmas and New Years. The condo has no rules about construction during high season or any law about the length of said construction. So after New Years the noise continued.

I wrote a letter ( found below) to the board and hoped that they might act on this quickly so we do not have to have this noise for the balance of the season. I was unable to go to the January meeting when my letter was read but the board did not choose to act about this problem.

The board wants this building to rank in the same category as say the Rapallo or PB buildings but having no rules about noise during the season sort of takes us out of that category alone.

I also never received an answer to my letter!



To: Frank Lagalante

And To:  All members of the condo board during the Jan 15th meeting

January 4, 2012

Change of Rules Regarding Building Construction Noise

I am sorry that I cannot be at your January meeting but Frank has promised me that he will put my letter into his managers report at the Jan 15th meeting.

When Michael Roefaro was elected to be the head of the board he asked me to put a committee together to work on updating the rules of the building. I started but for various reasons, the committee changed hands to another resident of the building and it has never been changed and issued to owners. That was 2 years ago.

One pressing rule change that should be put into effect asap concerns noisy construction in residents apartments. I came down to my condo at the end of November and since then I have every day heard the construction in 1202. Frank was able to stop the noise during the immediate holidays, thankfully, but it has started again and unfortunately no one knows when it will be completed. I advocate that there should be no noisy construction during season, Thanksgiving to Easter. Most buildings that we consider ourselves to be in the same league with have this rule.

The second part of this change in the rules should be a permit executed by the building manager to how long a construction project will take during the non season months Frank can gage the appropriate length of the project and issue a permit for that time period. If the construction runs longer than the permit allows the building has the right not to renew the permit or extend it for a few additional days.

In my case and everyone that lives in the area of the 2’s and 1 apartments, we had to listen to 1202’s noise and  unit 901 also was going through some noisy construction after they moved in.  I cannot be the only person bothered by this noise. I saw my neighbor in 903 storm into the office annoyed by the construction noises. Noise  travels in this building.

I hope you can address this issue in a timely matter, as this is my second year in the  building with construction noise, last year it was the outside of the building.

Thank you for your consideration,





Airport Noise

Donald Trump Busts Out a Lawsuit Against Palm Beach Airport

July 26, 2010 at 10:47 AM | by Jaunted

We love airports, but we realize that they can be pretty darn noisy both inside and out. Although checking out all the different planes would be appealing, we do recognize that the airport wouldn’t be an ideal location if we owned a mega mansion. Donald Trump is facing this very problem, and that’s why he is getting all legal on Palm Beach International Airport.

The Donald feels that the airport makes too much noise, and all those pesky airplanes are causing too much of a disturbance above his home at Mar-a-Lago. The best way to deal with the situation is obviously to file a lawsuit, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

We’re kind of bummed that he’s going after the director of the airport, because this head honcho is probably doing a great job. He’s scoring more flights for the airport and making more money, but unfortunately pissing off one of the area’s most famous residents.

The lawsuit seeks to block any further expansion of the airport, and to stop flights from going directly over Trump’s house. We’re not sure how this is all going to shake down, but we wonder if Trump actually flies his private plane away from residential areas on his final approach for a weekend in the sun.

Good for our building if he wins!