20170131_100854aThe tall building to our south has just added 12 more cell towers to their roof. Can’t remember of they did have them before and these are new replacements. Some are pointing in our direction.

The power went out in the building once again for a minute or two. It was Saturday morning Jan 28th at 8:45 am. I am going to keep track as this is now a regular occurrence. This is not good for the building’s electrical system or ours. No notification from FPL  as one of our board members said always happens when we have a power outage.

Also if you need a handyman I just used one and he seems to be very helpful. His name is Sammy Johnson 561 351 2090. He was not recommended by anyone so you are on your own here.



Our Only Amenity Besides the Pool: The Sauna


sauna1 (1) sauna2By an Owner:

Portofino South sauna, West Palm Beach

In August of this year, the sauna was renovated to include painting all the interior wood with a varnish. This, according to management, was done to remove unpleasant body odor smells from the sauna. After the varnish, the sauna wood went from being soft, light gray-colored, and unsealed to being hard, dark-colored, and smelly.
Many varnishes are not made to withstand the unnaturally high heat of a sauna’s interior, and will release fumes in to the air. Indeed, Superior Saunas notes on its website, “Do not paint, varnish or stain the interior portions of your sauna. The wood needs to breathe (absorb and slowly release heat and humidity). Also, artificial finishes make the wood surface much hotter, create the possibility of harmful fumes from the wood sealer, and take away some of the “softness” of heat and steam penetrating the wood.” The websites of Helo Saunas and Finnleo Saunas give similar warnings.
When I explained this, in my view, improper treatment of the sauna to the management, they agreed to have the varnish stripped. However, the wood absorbed much varnish, and it is clear from the wood shininess (see pictures, taken December 2015), change in color, and lingering odor that the varnish still remains on some of the wood. The smell given off by the sauna room has noticeably become less “woodsy” and more artificial since the varnish was applied and stripped. I no longer enjoy using the sauna because of the altered smell and the thought that I could be breathing toxic varnish fumes released by the high heat.
A simple Internet search yields some safe options for cleaning the sauna interior, including scrubbing with a baking soda solution, sanding, and low-pressure rinsing, according to Almost Heaven Saunas.
I would love to have our old sauna back; barring this possibility, I call on the building’s management to responsibly research best practices for the safe management of our facilities, before acting on a drastic, and possibly irreversible, solution such as varnishing the inside of a sauna room.


July 4th 2015 Blog is back online

It has been a very long time since I posted anything about the building. One reason was that the comments got very ugly and mean. This time around I will not post any comments or blogs without a known name with their email address attached. That might take care of the “nasties”. Second reason was that the building was supposed to build a website but like all things in the building it did not get done in a timely manner. Maybe it is coming? And lastly why I want to reopen this blog is that owners have no where to go with problems, questions, or to get anything done. The board has internal problems and the office is very hard to motivate.

I am a snow bird and not there for 6 months a year. When people such as myself are gone we never hear anything of the building. We are never called, emailed or sent any mail of meetings, changes or problems going on. My maintenance is 12 months but my service is 6 months and only when I am there.

About a month ago a neighbor told me that the power went off in the building. In the past, my air conditioning , that I leave on , does not go back on by itself. So she is kind enough to go to my apartment and put the air conditioning on again.  My neighbor does this for two other owners that have the same problem. I called the office to see if they knew of the outage and did someone go up to the apartments that the building has a list of that has this problem. I was very unhappy with the answer that they were not responsible. I then wrote a letter hoping that the board or the office would address this problem for some of us but a letter was received back with the same ” we are not responsible”. I then called the office and asked if they could research if there is a solution to this situation by putting in a device to the system. I was told they would get back to me. No one ever called or helped.

This is real hard to fathom when you write out your maintenance check each month and this was the first thing I asked the office to do since I left in the end of April.

Well I researched the issue and there is something that could be installed that would help with this situation. With 50 percent of the building gone during the summer you would think they would have time or interest to help the owners. If anyone wants to know what the solution is please email through the blog and I will tell you.

So this is what this blog is all about. If you have a problem and it is not addressed please lets share and see if we can help eachother.



Comcast Contract

I am told that we have 2 more years on our present contract with Comcast as our cable provider. The contract was for 5 years and negotiated by a past manager, who is no longer our manager.

I asked our present manager to see if we could add the new Oprah channel OWN, which is free on a basic package from Time Warner (which I have as my provider in New York) and he called the building’s contact and was told no. I also find that lots of stations that I get as part of basic package, with the second largest cable provider, are missing on my Comcast line up here.

I really feel that the next contract should not be negotiated  just by the current manager but with someone from the board or someone appointed by the board that lives in the building. I also think 5 years is too long to lock us in to any tech company contract these days.

We are overpaying currently for a below average package. Just my opinion……

We have the best service right here in the building!

Michael Armfield who lives in the building and in his spare time details cars. This is not his occupation but does it for extra!

One day I spotted this shirtless, handsome guy washing someone’s car

and asked him his number, no not for that but for my car!

Yesterday, he took care of my “little Rolls Royce disquised as a Ford Focus” and made her shine and sparkle.

He is very reasonable, and I have used other people before,so please take advantage of this ” in house service”.

His telephone number is 561 541 3466.

He even sends Thank You notes!!!!