Bicycles are stolen

Three bicycles were stolen from bike rack.Many times the office has encouraged me to park at the bike rack. I supposed these owners were parked in the bike rake as there is no room in the bike house. The previous clean out of the bike house did not clear many out. Our fence back gate is left open during the day and locked at night but there is a separation in the fence that anyone could squeeze through and steal the bikes. They were all locked up with chains. Two belonged to the young fellows on the 9th floor and one belonged to a guest of theirs. There are no security cameras there either. I have sent ads for a camera system from Costco that is $700 for 18 cameras that could be bought and put up temporarily while we investigate more sophisticated systems. I park my car on that side and when arriving home late at night I sometimes worry about my safety and also will my car be taken. Maybe the board will address the safety pf us and our belongings after this?