Board Elections Coming in December 2010

There are 4 members of the board whose seats are up for election.

These four are:

Ann McKay- about  10 years on the board

Martha Lee- also about 10 years on the board

Michael Roefaro- 4 years

Jenny Jones-about 8 years

Owners that are running for  their election for the board

Stuart Gregory-#1008

Richard Scott-#407

Susan Streichenwein -#1006

Suzanne Beck- #1108

Ihor Lenko-#1011 and #1212

Laura Johnston -#212

I hope to interview each new candidate and put their resume and their thoughts and expertise they can bring to the board on the blog.



Questions of Budget for 2010 and for 2011

Unfortunately, I cannot put the budget up on the blog but I can mount my questions about it. I sent my questions to Betsy Gori ,the treasurer of the board, and she did take the time to answer . If you are an owner you  have received your copy by mail.

I also question now why it was not officially audited and not given to us in April when it was due. I received my copy in October.

My Questions:

Questions about the Budget from Vicki Ross (line by line)


408 Owner Legal Fees and Costs what is it?  why did it increase so much?

424 Estoppel letters what is it?

434 Parking Space Rental who do we rent to?

604 wages- office manager $11,000.00 increase in one yr

608 wages-Housekeeper don’t you think this is very high

614 yearly bonus to whom?


638 Bad Dept what is this?

662 Office exp and equipment very very high could you breakdown

Service Contracts:

714 fire alarm please explain discrepancy

725 roof service did we have a major problem

729 waste line cleaning did we have a major problem

730 lobby floor maintainence   did we have a major problem

Bldg Maintainence

756 elevator overtime  did we have a major problem

758 general maintainence why are you tripling this for 2011

766 laundry equipment repairs if we have a contract why don’t they pay for repairs


824 electricity very high can we do anything

834 telephone  we should cut this down to nothing do you need a land line for anything with magic jack and skype other than telephone?

2011 Capital Improvement  Hall light fixtures do away with this at this time use that money for carpet installation which you bought  prematurely- not in budget Security System where is that amount? My maintainence with your proposed budget for 20111 will go up 23%