Credit Card Fraud

Businesses could be liable for credit card fraud


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – If you become a victim of credit card fraud, your bank may not be coming to the rescue. The burden of liability has now switched to retailers and business owners in some cases. It all depends on a little chip now being added to your credit cards. Months ago, CEO of Anthony’s Ladies Apparel received a notice that credit card companies were shifting fraud liability to business owners who don’t have new card readers that work with their chip security technology….

Note: Anthony’s founder lives in our building


Survey of West Palm Beach

August 4, 2015

(West Palm Beach, FL) – For the first time in a decade, the city of West Palm Beach has asked residents “How are we doing?”

Today the city released the results from the first resident opinion survey taken in about 10 years.  The survey covered residents thoughts on quality of life, safety, city services, taxes, growth and development and much more.

Overall, 83% of residents rated the quality of life in West Palm Beach as excellent, very good, or good, with 93% of residents saying they feel safe in their neighborhoods during the day and 82% of residents saying they feel safe in their neighborhoods during the evening.

Despite those numbers, crime was the number one concern, followed by traffic, the cost of housing and economic development.

The study also broke down city services to specific departments, and topping the list of services to which residents gave a thumbs up were trash collection and the fire department. Downtown parking ranked at the bottom.

Among residents who said the city should provide some service that it currently doesn’t, more wanted better transportation than anything else. Yet almost half of all residents said they would not be willing to pay any additional taxes to fund any additional services. Four out of five residents also said they do not want tax dollars to pay to run a municipal golf course.

Two in three residents thought they were receiving an excellent, very good, or good value for City-provided services based on what they pay in taxes, but residents preferred user-based fees by nearly a four-to-one margin over increased property taxes if the city needs more money.

The survey, conducted by Kerr & Downs Research, was done over a ten day period in June and included 600 randomly selected households.

The entire report can be downloaded HERE.

Free Shuttle Bus from the Train to the Airport

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Things are about to get easier for passengers trying to get from West Palm Beach’s Tri-Rail station to Palm Beach International Airport.

Starting Friday, the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority will start offering a free shuttle between the two.

The first shuttle will leave the station on Tamarind Avenue at 5:35 a.m. and will run until about 9 p.m.  The 10 minute shuttle comes and goes in 25-minute intervals.

RTA says the service will run for two years.  If all goes well and people use the service, they’ll make it permanent.

Similar services are offered at Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Checking local taxi rates, this new service could save you at least $12 each way.

Click here to see the route schedule.

note: you can always park your car free at the train station and take the bus to the airport where parking is not free