I Am Back-Too Much Fake News About Real News

I started this blog in 2010 and continued till last year when I decided that no one appreciated my transparency for the building and how much time it takes to write this.

Unfortunately, there has been a huge scandal in the building that could have been avoided and thus not get into the Palm Beach Post.

First the blast from the building that did not give all the facts so everyone started to gossip and finally the truth was discovered by must through the rumor mill. Then someone tipped off the PB Post and the story was written. When the writer called me for a quote he had all the seedy details  he had spoken to Frank , the owner of condo 203, where the present incident occurred and many other people in the building. As I have informed many people in the building that if you go into “the white pages.com” and put the address of the building all the telephone numbers pop up. Why I was mentioned was I would go on the record.

We dodged a big bullet; the writer knew all the details and names and decided to not ruin lives so he left a lot of information out. Frank, Brigitte, and the condo owner of #203 were lucky. However, if you looked at the article very early of publication there were lots of comments that did not spare any details. I was able to copy some of them which will be copied  below. The paper later erased them which troubles me as I believe in the First Amendment and do not think a free press paper should conceal comments. It is one thing to leave info out but an entirely different to not publish what readers think and write.

I believe that Frank should be reported to the police for trespassing as he has a past of the same type of behavior in the past.

When I heard that ” we were so lucky to get a manager that had left the Sun and Surf to work for us. I have spent a lot of time in that building as I had two friends that lived there. No one leaves that building filled with millionaires and probably a few billionaires to come to the PS. Something did not smell right to me. The board kept saying that they checked Franks references with the Sun and Surf building board and it was favorable. Anyone with any smarts knows that a board of a corporation will not give a negative review with facts as they would be afraid of being sued for defamation.( I have heard that the board is blaming Sun and Surf for not telling them about Frank). I called two owners in the building and they both confirmed he had been fired for two causes one being ” too much fraternizing with the women pool/cabana staff.

Okay, I am not one to keep my mouth shut when there is an untruth circulating. When Frank was hired I called Pam and asked to meet her in the card room. She was relatively new as the president and showed up with Helen MacDonald. I came with a print out of the court case that Frank had sued the Sun and Surf for an issue of payment and his firing for his disability. I also came with the names of my friends that lived in the building and what they said. I did not pull any punches and told them this was not a guy our building should  hire to head. They KNEW  and did nothing.

Franks’ escapades starter way before the Brigitte affair. Rumors were that a few nannies where his target. Doorman and maintenance men saw him but were never asked and were also afraid of Frank and keeping their jobs. If there were red flags raised isn’t the responsibility of the governing body to watch out?

I believe Frank should be reported to the police for trespassing and his license should be revoked. If the next job he takes and their board does not know how to google or research court cases this might occur again. He has moved around a lot and this article is in a local paper. And what about Brigitte should she be hired by someone else in the future?

Now about the board. I think you all should resign and if you want to run again and get voted in… great. Right now I think the majority of you have been appointed and not voted in by the condo owners. I know it is a thankless job but we need people that have some back ground of law, business, tech savvy, construction and/or accounting to serve. We need open meetings, it is not difficult to let every owner listen in to each meeting by telephoning into a central number. The technology is there and easily available. We need the minutes of the meeting within a few days of the meeting not months after.

To this day no one has told the condo owners about the new contract that the board entered us into with Comcast. I totally disagree with making a contract with a cable company when the latest way to get TV is though streaming. Cable companies are dying and are not modern. Who was on a committee or who on the board understands this issue? When I leave my apartment in New York I put my cable on seasonal hold. It costs me $5.00 a month. With the Comcast contract I have to pay the monthly fee for the 6 months when I am not there. How many seasonal owners are there?

This is just one issue… I am sure there are many that have been voted on that might not be in the interest of the condo owners.

Comments From PB Post That were Erased :

Bill2go 21 hours ago

The resident (V. Ross) who made a comment for this article is 100% correct. Leglante needs to be charged criminally for his egregious behavior. As I understand, this scumbag wasn’t just in the residence to take a break and/or use the restroom. Apparently, Leglante had an accomplice and they did a lot more than just “hang out”. The condo board and the resident need to pursue this case criminally, so this scumbag, Leglante doesn’t go do this same thing at another property.




Citizen 1145 21 hours ago

From what I was told, the manager was not the only one fired. The office assistant (female) was also fired. They were seen on the video entering together and doing untoward things. I do not know why this was not reported in the story. Daughter was quite right to have cameras in her unit; this is a good practice in this day and age.




RobertPBodis 23 hours ago

Such a juicy story – missing some key facts…

– Frank had an accomplice

– Frank and said accomplice were caught on video

– Rumor is Frank had issues at the last employer (no comment in story no less)

– The overall building is very poorly managed

– This is par for the course at Portofino




JonKing 1 day ago

Oh please, big deal. Lots of other things in life to worry about than a guy popping in to use the bathroom. The daughter sounds like a real jerk. She could have told the guy she saw him and left it at that.




Leslie2916 1 day ago

What they aren’t saying is they had sex in the condo on camera




GSolie 21 hours ago

@JonKing I guess you’re ok with people hanging out in your place when you are not home? There should be no recourse for violation of the trust agreement? You sound like the jerk.


I am away, somewhat out of touch, but not totally….

I learned that Fred Sargent, our longest working doorman, had  been let go. I felt I wanted to say to him ” Thank You ” for all his years of service so I emailed the office to provide me with his telephone number or email but my email was never answered. I then called the door after closing hours of the office and asked if he had Fred’s number and was told it had been washed from the computer.

Did the office think I would not find it?

If anyone would like to call Fred I would very happy to provide the number to you. I think he was very happy to hear that someone who cared enough do think of him. He is looking for another door job or security so if you know of anything for him we can inform him. He seemed well.

Saying Goodbye

Tomorrow I will leave Portofino South for the summer. I regret that I will be signing off till next fall. I am sorry to leave and not reporting on the big projects that are going to happen. I cross my fingers.

I leave you with the sight out of my window. Have a good safe summer.

Condo Board Meeting- April 18th

Board Meeting of April 18, 2017

All board members attended but L.B and PK

This meeting was to count the proxies on whether the condo owners accepted the new docs and rules or not.

Frank (by himself) counted the proxies.

There were 27 people that attended the meeting. Many more than usual.

There were 94 yeas’ and 6 no’s

So the docs were passed.


Amendments are possible in the future.


Insurance for the Building

We will remain with American Coastal as it is an admitted Florida Insurer and if a catastrophe happens each apt is insured up to $100,000.

Another company was visited but it was a surplus line carrier and did not have the guarantees that Am Coastal has.

This was per Frank.





I recently had a plumbing problem and used the recommended sheet of vendors by the building. C.M. Plumbing came and did the plumbing job. He was paid immediately.

Several weeks later The same leak started again. I called him and left a message. I then called 4 more times and two emails and he never called back or showed up.

If we had an open bulletin board I would put this information on the board but alas the board is locked by the board or the manager.

I would not recommend this plumber. He also is not on Angie’s List, Home Advisor or Yelp.


Who pays when there is a flood from a neighbor

From Brick Underground.com

What happens if my apartment is damaged by water from a neighbor’s apartment? Who’s responsible for covering the repairs?


If you’re facing a water damage issue in your apartment, who ends up paying will depend on where the water is coming from, and in some cases, who caused the leak, says Steven Wagner, a co-op and condo attorney with Wagner Berkow LLP and a longtime board member of his own 420-unit Manhattan co-op. It will also depend on whether your building is a co-op or a condo.

“In a condo, if there’s no real proof that the leak was caused by someone else’s negligence, everything in the ‘unit’ is the responsibility of its owner, and everything outside is a ‘common element’ for which the board of managers is responsible,” says Wagner Berkow partner Ian Brandt.

“It’s a lot more cut and dried, if you’ll excuse the pun, than it is in co-ops,” adds Wagner. However, what is technically defined as your condo unit can get a little tricky. “You have to look at the Declaration of Condominium to see what is considered the unit and what is considered a common element of the building,” says Wagner. “In condos, sometimes they define a unit as being midway through a wall or the exterior. And if the unit owner owns it, it’s their responsibility.”

In a co-op, things are more complicated, but it’s also more likely that the building will be responsible for shouldering the bulk of the costs, both inside and outside the apartments. Besides checking the proprietary lease to determine who owns the area where the leak took place [i.e. whether it’s your apartment or a common area], housing laws such as the Warranty of Habitability, the Housing Maintenance Code and the Multiple Dwelling Law will come into play here, too, and often make the landlord—in this case, the co-operative—responsible for repairs.

The third thing to consider is whether the leak was caused by negligence, whether on the part of one of your neighbors, the board, or a contractor working in the building. “If somebody is negligent and damages someone else’s apartment, or if the co-op or condo is negligent, then that party is the one who is ultimately responsible,” says Wagner.

(Though keep in mind that if the damage is a specific person’s fault, that doesn’t mean that a co-op can shirk its duties and wait for the individual to pony up and make the repairs. “Third party fault is never an excuse for a co-op not to fulfill its contractual or statutory repair obligations,” says Brandt, “But the co-op can sue the cuplable party. It would be a huge mistake for the corporation to say, ‘We’re not doing this because it’s someone else’s fault.'”)

Regardless of responsibility, though, Wagner recommends, in both co-ops and condos, addressing the problem immediately with your insurance company, rather than waiting for someone else to step in. “It’s always a good idea to try to resolve the physical issues, because otherwise things will fester, you could develop mold or other conditions,” says Wagner. “Take care of it. Don’t wait for all of the lawsuits to start and for the insurance companies to resolve the issues. They don’t necessarily move as quickly.”

For this reason, it’s a good idea to have homeowners’ insurance that covers “betterments and improvements,” to guarantee that any upgrades you’ve personally made to the apartment (painting, furniture, new appliances, etc.) will be covered in the event of damage, as the building won’t always be responsible for those.

“If you’re adequately insured, the best thing to do is to go to your own insurance company, and have them adjust your claim,” says Wagner. “And let the insurance company be the one who goes after the other parties. They can bring a lawsuit in your name. Very often what will happen is they will simply tender a claim to the responsible party’s insurance, and work out the arrangement directly with the other insurance company.”

You should also put your building’s management on notice about the damages, and give them access to your apartment as requested. “You have to tell the co-op board and say, ‘Please come back and look, send your adjusters and insurers,'” says Brandt. “If the co-op doesn’t know and isn’t given access, they have no liability.”

“The best scenario is that the co-op’s insurer and the shareholder’s insurer work out an apportionment of the loss,” adds Brandt.

Additional Meeting to The Additional- Hallways and Assessment

April 4th Meeting:

The meeting was about rescinding a motion and put another motion on the table. A lot of procedure language. ML put a new motion of the exact prices of the redo of the hallways, ceilings, lights and the ceilings above the elevators. Thus, they then could vote on an assessment.

Some members want a small assessment for only this project, some want a larger assessment to include the parking lot and the cooling tower. They discussed a single assessment or many assessments. Some wanted to wait two weeks when we have an estimate for the parking lot where there is a great deal of confusion about the estimated total cost of this project.

Some members are more realistic about doing the hallways first as we have no money and a large loan. No financial planning has been discussed or a payment schedule for these assessments. We need to prioritize projects for their importance. there was a motion to table the hallways but it did not pass.

This board with its new president does not come to the meeting with a clear agenda or a strategy. There were also few condo owners in the audience and the majority never speak up or raise a question. THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES FOR EVERYBODY THAT LIVES IN THE BUILDING  SHOULD BE PARTICIPATING.



Condo Docs revised:

I received the new copy but cannot see the changes. They were not bolded or underlined.

I still have questions and comments on the original and the new version. They are below. (they are mine and not be construed that others should feel they way I do )

A5- 7 pages are not in the new packet

B1- 19 pages are missing

p.D2-point 2.9- we should add a visible list of committees- not in this definition

p.D4-point 2.25- they should add internet

p.D9- point 7.2-problem with language “ without regard to whether”

p.D12- point 8- you renewed the card room without the vote from the association which this point specifies

page D14 point g iii-add old carpeting with worn out padding

  1. D15 point (iv) kitchen exception

p.D19 (g) retain records of all alterations and contractors that do them for a period of 2 years-these records are not maintained now.

On assessments- condo owners are not protected by the board from issuing any assessments that the majority of condo owners do not want or approve.

p.D24- point 13- Insurance-not strong enough management should know who has or does not have insurance.***

p.D26 point 13.4 (b) I – why it would  be determined by the association -I think it should read the insurance company not the association.

p.D30 point 15.5- discretion of the board – no we need an outside opinion

p.D30 point 15.5 (a) think the order should be mortgage company, then condo owner, then association

p.D32 point 16.1- currently we have a group of Filipinos domestic help that works on the island and we have young men in 1007 that are not related . Do they go when these rules go into effect?

p.D33 2nd paragraph- at the end records should be kept for a minimum of 1 year of guests-retention of records is legally correct-retention of records

  1. 34 (c ) do we keep this info and do we ask for a renewal

(f) not patrolled

And finally, the parking Exhibit A does not follow the original condo docs which I have a copy of.

I do not know who revised it but it was never discussed in a board metting nor was there a committee appointed.

I also want to know if an absent vote is a no vote?