Additional Meeting- Design Committee- Hallways, Lights,and Assessment

Doug Spain spoke and finally gave us a thorough outline and description of what the lights will be like and the ceiling tiles.

Of course there was much discussion between the board and the audience as this adds a great deal of money to the already huge money that they want to spend on the parking lots and cooling tower.

Usually i go into the specifics of the discussion but this time I will not as it is a very complicated matter because of the future assessment which can not to put into effect without firm bids on all projects.

The work in the halls is not firm,the parking lot only has one bid and the cooling tower is in January. And the assessment is inevitable but how much and when?

The final version of the new docs is ready to be picked up and reviewed by condo owners . They have to give us 14 days before we vote on them. Of course, the changes and/or additions are not bolded or italicized so they are difficult to read again. I have my notes on the items I thought were important to me and will try to see if those are changed. April 18th is the date for the vote on the condo docs.




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